Poetic Dustbin

I am Poetic Dustbin

I am an artist by passion and soul. My artworks are created from the darkest corner of my mind. This world is my canvass. I think. I write. I draw. I observe the absurd.

I am Poetic Dustbin

Do You Play MTG Arena?

It’s that Mono Blue Tempo Deck with Haughty Djinn and Tolarian Terror that pisses off the opponent… This is my version of it… It’s all about timing and protecting your creatures so you can one shot or two shot your opponent … Don’t be such a haughty kid!

It’s Mono Black – Early Creature Damage. Numerous removals for opponent’s creatures. Nail the guy with Sheoldred the Apocalypse… Simple as that. This is a no non-sense deck.

What I Do

I Take Photos

I love black and white photos. It gives more depth to the images you take.

I Write & Draw

My writings and artworks are dark. My thoughts guide my hand.

I Play MTG Arena

Magic the Gathering Arena is my game. By default, I am a Dimir player.

Observe the Absurd

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