Poetic Dustbin

I am Poetic Dustbin

I am an artist by passion and soul. My artworks are created from the darkest corner of my mind. This world is my canvass. I think. I write. I draw. I observe the absurd.

I am Poetic Dustbin

Do You Play MTG Arena?

Its A Mardu Graveyard Deck with Etali, Tyrranax, Sheoldred and Atraxa using Cruelty of Gix and Invasion of Tolvada. And with the help of Atsushi , the Blazing Sky and Bic Score, you can also acquire more mana to cast them. Multiple Board wipes can help reset the battlefield as needed. Union of the Third path is also useful to keep your life count stable. SO go ahead and enjoy how your opponent concede… hahahahah

This is an 80-card Esper Control Deck… It features a number of Planeswalkers like The Wandering Emperor, Kaito the Dancing Shadow, Vraska Betrayal’s Sting and Kaya Intangible Slayer. It has a lot of removals from single kills to mass annihilations … The main purpose of the deck is to control the early threats while you prep for a perfect end kill shot with kaya or infect them with White Sun’s Twilight… or the best way to win is when your opponent concedes hehehehe…

What I Do

I Take Photos

I love black and white photos. It gives more depth to the images you take.

I Write & Draw

My writings and artworks are dark. My thoughts guide my hand.

I Play MTG Arena

Magic the Gathering Arena is my game. By default, I am a Dimir player.

Observe the Absurd

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