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MTG Arena Spotlight

MTG Arena - Standard Strixhaven Orzhov Angel Deck with Yorion, Baneslayer Angel and Vanishing Verse

MTG Arena Strixhaven Original Standard Deck… I never use a Net Deck ever! I can’t say my decks are better but I’m proud to say that I brew all of them personally. Now this deck is simple, All of my creatures are angels hence the name 🙂 … Get them down… and since they are evasive… you can kill your opponents on air… I also provided some boardwipes for protection… Baneslayer Angel is always the icing here or a swarm of angels via Starnheim Unleashed… Smite your opponent!

Flick & TV Series Pick

Netflix – Mirage 2018 – Movie Review (No Spoilers)

It’s a story about a space-time continuum glitch brought about by a 72-hour-long electrical storm that occurred in 1989. A similar storm is happening in 2014 in the same area. To solve a murder case, to save a boy, to save her daughter and to find the truth behind the storm.

In 1989, during the fall of the Berlin Wall and a 72-hour-long electrical storm, a boy named Nico, while recording a video in his house, hears some noises and sees a fight scene in his neighbors’ house through a window. He goes to the house only to find the body of Ms. Weiss, the wife of the neighbor Angel Prieto…

Mirage 2018 - Moview Review - Poetic Dustbin
Not a Grumpy Cat - Poetic Dustbin

Shot on Focus

I aint grumpy… this is my happy face

Sometimes… we all misunderstood a person’s facial impression and expression…

Same goes with animals too…

But a smile can go a long way in terms of socialization…

Dark Art of the Day

My Grief Takes Me to a Darker Place…

My grief takes me to a darker place where I feel a surmountable amount of negative energies. Demons whispering in my ears taking different forms inside my head. I am one with you as always, I will deliver your thoughts and embody the wickedness through my hands, through my artwork, through the ink that scratches the very surface of every corrupt being that kisses hypocrisy and false faith

Daily Blog

Travel Photo - Stay Focused - Boracay - Poetic Dustbin

Always stay focused

  View on Instagram https://instagr.am/p/COejzfoH98u/ Boracay… The place to be in summer in the Philippines! Beautiful beaches, white sand and...

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I Hate Politics

I Fuckin’ Hate Politics….

View on Instagram https://instagr.am/p/CN_kxyUHUzF/ First and foremost… I am apolitical… I fuckin’ hate politics! Google defines Politics as: Politics is...

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