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MTG Arena Game Play

Red White Standard Control Deck with Ugin and Yorion - Magic the Gathering Arena

Let’s try Ugin and Yorion in a Red and White Deck… Hell! Let’s put in 4 Ugins in the deck and a lot of removals… It’s the usual control deck with boardwipes and damage dealing spells for creatures and walkers. 

Movie & TV Series review

Spiral from the Book of Saw 2021 - Spoiler Free Movie Review

This is another SAW movie and you’ll be expecting blood and gore. You will also be expecting cool horrific traps and scary narration. If you’re a SAW and Jigsaw fan then you will enjoy this. If you’re not then this will be another horror thriller film you will forget in years after you watch it.

Dark art of the day

Its not that day - Dark Poetry - Poetic Dustbin
It’s Not That Day – Remembering my Mother

I wake up every morning
with images of you
walking to and fro
listening to the classic
singing along with the tune
hearing your voice with the music…

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Our Kitten - Floss - Poetic Dustbin
Shades of Grey

View on Instagram https://instagr.am/p/CPx9uxTnmSI/ Well… Here’s a first stable shot of “Floss” our active kitty...

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