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I am a movie and tv series buff. I usually indulge in Sci-fi, Horror, Psychological Films and Animation. I’m a big fan of DC TV Series, Vampire Flicks and Justice League Animated Series. From Netflix to Amazon Prime and now HBO Go! I love making Movie and TV Reviews about the stuff I watch to help people know if it’s worth their time or not.

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Netflix – Sweet Girl – Movie Review
Sweet Girl is about the deep bonding of father and daughter played by Isabela Merced (Rachel Cooper) after her wife died. There’s a small tough of politics and satire regarding the corruption within the government and pharmaceuticals. But what makes this film captivating is the relationship between Ray and Rachel. This is evident throughout the story line.
Netflix - Sweet Girl 2021 - Movie Review - Poetic Dustbin

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Netflix - Sweet Girl 2021 - Movie Review - Poetic Dustbin

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