Poetic Dustbin

Black & White Photos

Dark Poetry – False Faith

False Faith

I’m not against the church
I’m against the priests and nuns
Who abuse and molests kids
Making countless bastards astray

I’m not against christians
I’m against those morons
Who act like righteous ones
just because they pray everyday

I’m not against religion
I’m against the politics
Making money out of faith
Milking ignorants for salvation

Im not against God
I’m against war and chaos
brought about his words and name
To justify all injustices

– Poetic Dustbin

Dark Poetry – Why God?

Why God?

Why do you pray?
Why do you sin?
Why do you kneel?
Why do you swear?
Why do you preach?
Why do you curse?
Why do you call his name?
Why do you remain the same?

– Poetic Dustbin

Dark Poetry – What is Your Name?

What is Your Name?

You fear the paranormal,
I embrace it…
When you see a shadow…
I see life beyond life…
When you hear whispers…
I hear voices to talk to…
When you hear screams…
I hear a cry for help…
When you hide in the corners
trembling from the unknown
I find opportunities
to communicate
with the spirits
I find inner peace
to be in the company
of the undead souls

– Poetic Dustbin

Over this land… all over this wasteland… Wasteland Lyrics from Mission UK


I still believe in God
But God no longer believes in me

[Verse 1]
There’s a crystal view from my window
And I can see years to come
I live for the burn and the sting of pleasure
I live for the sword, the steel, and the gun
I can tear down the walls, storm the barricades
Run to the place where the frightened crawl
Desire lurks beyond good and evil
So I dance on the graves where the hallowed fall

Over this land
All over this wasteland
Over this land
All over this wasteland

[Verse 2]
You can touch, but please keep your distance
You’re innocent and pure and with no shame
The spirit is willing, and the flesh is craved
You tease and you taunt with the pleasure of pain
Over this land
All over this wasteland
Over this land
All over this wasteland

[Guitar Solo]

[Verse 3]
Heaven and Hell, I know them well
But I haven’t yet made my choice
I’m feeling scared ’cause I’m shouting loud
And no one can hear my voice
I’m walking the tightwire, can’t look down
Strung out high, above you all
Fateful wind blows through this land
Howls my name, heralds my fall

Over this land
All over this wasteland
Over this land
All over this wasteland

Over this land
All over this wasteland
Over this land
All over this wasteland


– Mission UK

Travel Photography – Faithless Faith

Faithless Faith

Don’t look at me
To judge and vindicate
We are all hypocrites
We sin, we fornicate.

Don’t read the bible
To memorize then lie
We all wear our masks
With the demons we deny.

Don’t kneel and pray
To brag about His call
We are all nameless fools
Cause even angels fall…

– Poetic Dustbin

Grunge Photography – Politicians are microbes to the society

Politicians are microbes to the society

Politics is corrosion.  

Politicians are worse than criminals. 

Most them who run for office don’t do it to serve the people…

They campaign for power and wealth…

They do it to start a dynasty. 

I say most of them…

There are a handful whose intentions are real. 


– Poetic Dustbin

Black and White Photography – Punkd


Introducing my first grand kid… 

Rio Troy Castiel is the name!

– Poetic Dustbin

Black and White Photo – Towers of Babel

Towers of Babel

It’s a place we call BGC… it’s much like a local New York or a version of Orchard Road in Singapore… 

They have clean streets and sidewalks. People are disciplined and follow rules. Traffic laws are also strictly implemented. Parking spaces are well placed. 

They mostly have classy restaurants and dine-ins. Shops and boutiques are also a bit on high-scale status. But they have city parks that are open to public which are sanitized and neat.

It’s a good place to wander off, bike, jog and just enjoy the weekend. 

– Poetic Dustbin

Black and White Photo – A Flower

A Flower

In the sunniest day we bloom
the fairest object in the room
then we forget who we are
a subject of a wicked artist
painting our days to our doom…

– Poetic Dustbin

Meathook Massacre – Boiling Sausage

Meathook Massacre

Boil… till you dry
Burn… till you fry
We are food to eat
From head to feet
Like beef to a whopper Pork to a cracker
A sight for the butcher
In a Meathook Massacre

– Poetic Dustbin

Meathook Massacre MTG Arena