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What’s the matter here – 10,000 maniacs
what is the matter here - cat photography - Poetic Dustbin
what is the matter here – cat photography – Poetic Dustbin

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“Ang” is our cute little kitty that likes to spend most of his time playing along the stairs. He’s quite playful and would go around jumping and tipping off household items.

He’s a combination breed of half Persian and hybrid Persian.

Food Review : Johnsonville Smoked Sausage
Johnsonville Smoked Sausage - Poetic Dustbin
Johnsonville Smoked Sausage – Poetic Dustbin

My Honey told me this sausage really tastes good. I said: “I really hope so, considering the price with only 6 dog sticks in the package. hehehe”

I got this pack in Trinoma Landmark Supermarket, sitting at the freezer where hams, hotdogs and sausages were placed… Johnsonville items were at the edge just before the pet items. Priced at 300 php plus with other variants costing more, I think to myself this must be yummier than the average ones which are cheaper.

The package carries 6 dog sticks and it’s fully cooked as indicated in the wrapper. There are 3 three ways to slightly heat or cook these hounds.

  1. You can add half an inch water to a pan or skillet and heat ’em there for roughly 6-7 minutes.. drain then add butter or oil to heat it for not more than 1 minute continuous turning…
  2. If you’re on a hurry or really lazy, You can microwave ’em for a minute in an 800watt setting…
  3. Or lastly if you’re outside on a party, you can grill ’em to your hearts content… just like the ones you see in movies where people smile because they’ll be eating your grilled dogs.

note: Be sure to make slices on the size if you’re going to pan fry them to make ’em look better presentation wise and of course to evenly cook the inside.. Don’t be a moron and do this. okay?

Johnsonville Smoked Sausage - Poetic Dustbin
Johnsonville Smoked Sausage – Poetic Dustbin

How to eat it like a normal Home Sapien?

  • You can eat it side by side with rice and eggs like in the pictures shown here. Please use a knife to slice it then fork it.
  • You can also insert it inside a hotdog bun if you happen to have on and pulverize it with onions and pickles … and flood it with mayo, mustard and catsup… and hopefully you enjoy the mashed up taste.
  • You can just thrust it with a stick or fork it by itself and gobble it like a hungry wolf stuck in Siberia for a year with nothing to eat but icicles.

My Verdict on this Smoked Sausage

It’s delicious and let’s just way it’s quality as expected. I’m not really a Sausage aficionado to detail the experience or the ingredients as they slide through my palette but for an average guy eating this, I say it is good and up there with other pricey sausages.

For the average people on a daily meal, I wouldn’t recommend this not because of any health issue but for the price. If this isn’t in your cravings’ list then I suggest you just opt for the cheaper ones which can also fill your stomach, taste good and lighter in your pockets.

Shades of Grey
Our Kitten - Floss - Poetic Dustbin
Our Kitten – Floss – Poetic Dustbin

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Well… Here’s a first stable shot of “Floss” our active kitty …

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Quondam Asinine – The MIRC Days – #Dalnet
quondam asinine - poetic dustbin
quondam asinine – poetic dustbin

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Quondam Asinine was an alias I used long time ago when I was still chatting on MIRC … leading the pack in #QC Dalnet as the SuperAdmin … Those were simple days where you just type and press enter… The nick as it was called before was titled by my wife “Tender_Lilac”

Social Media is not a thing yet. IRC was the way to communicate with friends and peers…

Quondam Asinine - The MIRC Days
Quondam Asinine – The MIRC Days

There were a lot servers and channels running the show. Aside from #QC, I also frequent #Poetry channel where people share their poems and free verses and let the others give their comments.

There also trivia games that let you answer general questions by typing in the correct words or answers.

Quondam Asinine - The MIRC Days
Quondam Asinine – The MIRC Days

ASL (age sex and location ), BRB (Be right Back), LMAO (Laughing my ass off), GTG (got to go), ROFL (rolling on the floor laughing) and other acronyms were born during the IRC days.

The client is the best thing in IRC, MIRC is not a system hog nor a memory eater. It’s small and would run the oldest pc capable of windows or DOS…

I can go on and on with the retro glimpsing… but it will always remain as part of tech history… Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tiktok and the rest are the rulers of the internet community.

Quondam Asinine - The MIRC Days
Quondam Asinine – The MIRC Days

It was better before… when people weren’t social media whores…

I hunt therefore I am… Ten ten the Siamese King

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We call him Tenten… my Aunt’s big Siamese cat… He’s a tough breed who chose to lurk on our roofs rather stay with my other feline friends… He comes down everyday only for food. He’s a super cat with ‘Wolverine’ like immunity and strength. Other cats in the area fear him and no cat ever dares to cross him!

Couple of month’s back, He fell from the roof down to the ground. He survived with just a broken leg. I was really worried it’ll be worse. He disappeared for a couple of weeks. We really didn’t know were he went or what happened to him. Then one day, I saw him back on the roof! and I’m glad He pulled through…

And now He’s miraculously healed and fully recovered. He’s back on top jumping from one roof to another.

I love this cat and has my full respect!

Waking up like a kitten in a Black and White World
I am a kitten - poetic dustbin
I am a kitten – poetic dustbin

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We are all like kittens waking up in a Black and White world. We think of this like everything is merely a blank canvas where we can be the brush and color to fill it up with colors only your eyes can see…

How to Prevent Mobile Phone Addiction in Kids…
Into the great wide open - Poetic Dustbin
Into the great wide open – Poetic Dustbin

Children these days know the world inside the digital box they are holding everyday. This situation worsened when COVID 19 hit the world. Kids can’t go out, travel and play. Well of course, we do value their health but allowing them to sit for hours in front of their mobile devices is totally unhealthy too.

I totally get it, this is a new generation and we need to adapt. But it didn’t state that adaption is synonymous to addiction. The internet and the social media are not safe for kids. Aside from stalking pedophiles and predators, they are in real danger taking in information not suitable for their age. We can only do so much in restricting their access and building firewalls to cloak them from the wickedness of the web.

What we can do better is offer them other ways in spending their time. Creative educational hobbies, small tasks and pet projects can be helpful in building their sense of true social connection, good communication and creative skills. And it will also develop close ties to your family.

Technology is an evolution and it here to stay. I can never advice you to take away your kids’ mobile phones, laptops or tablets because it’s also denying them the future. I’m also not advising you to enforce strict rules in usage or screen-on time, this will only make them rebel. What I want to emphasize is to show them that there is a world outside their devices.

The world will slowly get better even with on-going COVID issue but it is our duty as parents to make this world a better place for our children’s future. Teach them that our planet is not enclosed inside an Amoled screen, tell them that Apple is a fruit and not just a phone or a tablet. Remind them everyday that Life exists outside their devices and inside your home.

Happiness is only real when shared… and i didn’t mean with the share icon!

Our kitten is on solo ‘pot’ session

He likes to hangout in pots like this… Our cute little kitten!

kitten in a pot
https://instagr.am/p/CPP1JGGHSGs/en in a pot
The Sun always Shine on TV


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This shot was taken on a certain part in Singapore. Can’t really remember the exact place.

It was in some sort of archway with leaves where the sun light peeks through the plants giving it that cool glare effect.

I miss my honey a lot… spending alone time with her in SG…

Strange Love that’s how my Love goes


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I miss traveling with my honey… shot taken somewhere in Singapore…

I miss taking photos of you… Strange love is what we have …

Fuckin hate Covid… big time… It disrupted life in the world…

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