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Demonic Embodiment… A Dark art and Poetry

Demonic Embodiment

We are two and one
Conjoined by love and hatred
Heaven gave birth to damnation
As hell nurtured its misery
We are but a child of wickedness
We are named Humans…

– Poetic Dustbin

Thundercats’ fanart – My take on Mumm-ra!


My Fanart Drawing of Mumm-Ra, The Ever Living…
The Villain in the Thundercats TV Show Cartoon

– Poetic Dustbin

Still Valentine’s Day and I miss you…

Still Valentine's Day and I miss you...

Thank you for always taking care of my heart no matter how dark and weird it gets… I apologize for not being that sweet and romantic guy that every woman dream of… But do know that my love for you goes way beyond the boundaries of heaven and hell… This artwork may be dark and horrifying for others but for me it means that no matter what… we are but one heart… and you will always be my alter ego… and I wanna grow old with you even in the apocalypse… We are the Last of Us… … HAPPY HEART’S DAY, Honey @hazelknots ! Love you ♥️

– Poetic Dustbin

The Evil Eye.. A Dark Art and Poetry

The Evil Eye

Keep it open
Keep it wide
The evil that grins
is by your side
Listen as you look
Pray as you kneel
The demon whispers
a deathly goodnye
echoing in a lullabye
Keep it open
Keep it wide
The evil in the dark
Will never hide…

– Poetic Dustbin

Satanism : Overview and Misconception

Satanism: Overview and Misconception

Satan has been the best friend
the Church has ever had,
as He has kept it in business all these years!

– Anton Szandor LaVey

Satanism is a religion that has been shrouded in mystery, fear and misconceptions for centuries. Despite being one of the most misunderstood religions, Satanism has a rich history and a unique set of beliefs that its followers adhere to. In this article, we’ll delve into the origins of Satanism, its core beliefs, and common misconceptions surrounding the religion.

Origins of Satanism

Satanism can be traced back to the late 1960s when Anton LaVey founded the Church of Satan in San Francisco. LaVey was a former circus performer and musician who became interested in the occult and eventually developed a belief system based on individualism, secularism, and hedonism. The Church of Satan was established as a response to the counterculture movement of the time and was seen as a way for individuals to break free from the traditional religious constraints and express their individuality.

Core Belief of Satanism

Satanism is a non-theistic religion that does not believe in the existence of a supernatural deity or devil. Instead, Satanists believe in individualism and self-reliance, and see Satan as a symbol of defiance against oppressive authority and conformity. The religion places a strong emphasis on personal freedom and responsibility, and encourages its followers to seek pleasure, power, and knowledge.

One of the core beliefs of Satanism is the “Nine Satanic Statements,” which outlines the religion’s stance on various aspects of life, including: indulgence instead of abstinence, responsibility to the responsible, and the rejection of any form of guilt.

Common Misconceptions about Satanism

Satanism has been the subject of numerous misconceptions and accusations over the years, with many people associating it with evil and violence. Some of the common misconceptions include:

  • Satanism is a cult that worships the devil and engages in devil worship rituals.
  • Satanists sacrifice animals and humans as part of their religious practices.
  • Satanism promotes evil and anti-social behavior.

It is important to note that these misconceptions are not true and are not supported by the actual beliefs and practices of Satanism. Satanism, like any other religion, is a personal belief system that encourages individuals to live their lives in a way that is meaningful and fulfilling to them.

My Conclusion

Satanism is a religion that has been misunderstood for centuries, and continues to be shrouded in fear and misconceptions. However, by understanding the origins, beliefs, and practices of Satanism, we can gain a better appreciation of this controversial religion and the individuals who follow it.

Demonology: Understanding the Study of Demons
Demonology - Study of Demons by Poetic Dustbin

Demonology: Understanding the Study of Demons

Devil inside
The devil inside
Every single one of us
The devil inside
Devil inside
Devil inside 

Demonology is a branch of theology that deals with the study of demons, fallen angels, and evil spirits. Throughout history, demons have been depicted in various cultures as powerful and malevolent beings who seek to harm humanity. While the concept of demons is often associated with religion, demonology has been a subject of fascination and speculation for centuries, encompassing aspects of folklore, mythology, and spirituality.

Understanding Demons

The study of demonology seeks to understand the nature of demons, their motivations, and their roles in the world. In many religious traditions, demons are seen as entities that oppose the will of a deity or divine power and work to corrupt and destroy the lives of humans. In some belief systems, demons are considered fallen angels who were cast out of heaven for rebelling against God.

Focus of Demonology

One of the main areas of focus in demonology is the classification of demons. This involves categorizing demons into different types based on their appearance, behavior, and abilities. In many cultures, demons are thought to possess supernatural powers such as the ability to influence human behavior, control the elements, or cause physical harm.

In addition to understanding the nature of demons, demonologists also study the methods of exorcism and deliverance. Exorcism is the act of driving out an evil spirit or demon from a person, place, or object. It is a ritual that is performed in many religious traditions and is often considered a last resort in cases of demonic possession.

The Misconception

Despite the long-standing interest in demonology, the study of demons is often shrouded in mystery and superstition. While some people believe in the reality of demons and the dangers they pose, others view the subject as purely mythological and see the concept of demons as a symbol of evil rather than a literal entity.

My Conclusion

Demonology is a complex and fascinating field of study that encompasses aspects of religion, folklore, and spirituality. It offers a unique perspective on the nature of evil and the role of demons in the world. Whether you believe in the reality of demons or view them as purely mythological, understanding the study of demonology provides valuable insights into the human psyche and the enduring fascination with the supernatural.

I am ugly… in Dark Arts and Poetry

I am Ugly

I am ugly…
That’s what you say…
I am a monster…
Society branded me…
Chained by names,
Token for games…
Indeed i am despicable…
hideous in your eyes..
But i am what you are
A decaying soul
Shrouded by flesh
Tainted by needles
Colored by pills…
I am ugly. I am.

– Poetic Dustbin

I am your mask… in Dark Arts and Poetry

I am your Mask

I am your mask.
A face of silence.
Coated in rotting flesh.
Walking amongst others.
Infecting. Corrupting.
Soon, this white facade.
Would require no cover.
And spill evil all over…

– Poetic Dustbin

A Monster of Doom – Dark Art

A Monster of Doom

We are broken pieces
Of a shattered future
We are delusional stars
Of a man-made galaxy
We are blind addicts
Of the blue social pills
We are all victims
Singing Hallelujah
To the Wifi Gods
Praying and yearning
For likes and followers
Eyes fixated, rolling
Swiping away
Each tick, each talk
We are humans
We are batteries
We are the energy
That powers our doom

– Poetic Dustbin

Optica Demonicus – A Dark Art and Poetry

Opticus Demonicus

We see everything…
All that is wrong…
All that are mistakes…
Burdened by tempestuous thinking
We crowned ourselves as kings
Knowledgeable in all ways
In all ways, Social Media
24 hours glaring infects
From selfsucking platforms
Swiping our way to the top
In the end we are nothing
A pawn of a God with no cross..

– Poetic Dustbin