Poetic Dustbin

Dark Art

My Take on Silent Hill’s Pyramid Head – A Dark Art

Pyramid Head of Silent Hill

I’ve always been fascinated with this character and I always wanted to create my own take on it

I hope I did give my rendition justice..


– Poetic Dustbin

Exhausted – A Dark Poetry about Life


Life is an endless cycle
Of this and that…
We all ponder at times…
Why, how and what…
It’s tiresome, it’s tedious
All night and all day
I’m alone, I’m hideous
My mind wont let me pray
It’s a box… its a pill…
A void, numb and still..

– Poetic Dustbin

Drawing Spiderman… A Digital Art

Drawing Spiderman - Fanart

Here I am again… trying hard to educate myself on using Procreate… I’m glad my daughter Xy (Mysque.Com) is here to help me out on some quick runs and tips on how to use it easily… 

I’m still getting the hang of it though… I just realized how much I missed with my stubbornness in sticking to traditional art when digital art can make your life easier and open your creativity in a whole new level… 

I’m still a novice at this at my age but I’m happy to pursue this skill at my own phase. I still have that passion to grind and time to spare… 

Eventually, I’ll be able to showcase a much improved artworks in the future.

Just create. The world is your canvass. 

– Poetic Dustbin

Recreating Harry… Digital Art via Procreate

Recreating Harry

I’ve been playing with Procreate lately and tried to step away from Dark Art for a moment… 

Relive my childhood days and draw one of my very first cartoon character, Harry!


– Poetic Dustbin

Batman – A Digital Fanart via Procreate

Batman - Digital Fan Art

I’ve been practicing lately on creating digital artworks. It was all new to me since I’ve been a traditional artist ever since. Though not professionally schooled, I’ve been drawing since I was a kid just because I love doing it. Passion drives me. 

I’ve used pens, inks, pastels and color pencils. I’m never much of a “paint” guy so I really suck at paintings and the likes. 

Now, I’m trying out Procreate, a Digital platform for tablets and honestly I love it. A bit intimidating at first but eventually getting a hang of  it. Hopefully, I get better in the coming days and produce decent artworks.

– Poetic Dustbin

Digital Art – Some Kind of Monster – Dark Art

Some Kind of Monster

My second digital drawing… Still struggling on how to manage layers but eventually I’ll get there…

I just found out that digital art is as hard as traditional drawing. It’s just better in ways that you can vail of any brush types and colors. It’s easier to correct mistakes and layers make it easy to set your draft, your ink and colors. It’s non-destructive.

This is my first art in Procreate. I used Sketch before and I think it’s also a nice drawing app but Procreate provides better ways in handling layers though it may take some time getting used with the features.

All in all, it’s a great experience and I’m looking forward on creating more digital artworks in the future.

Visit my Deviant Art Page to see all my artworks… mostly dark art… 

Leave a comment below, if you want to suggest any stuff I should draw … 



– Poetic Dustbin

In The Feeds – Dark Poetry

in The Feeds

We are gods of the modern days
Speaking the truth
Solicited in social media
Waving the righteous hand
At the edge of our pedestal
We show the world our box
A colorful enigma
of dreams and possession
of a sculpted perfect life
But in the shadows
We bleed, we scream
Then we slowly break
And we snap our neck
In a snap of a shutter
No quotes or prayers
Can save our souls
In our final story…

– Poetic Dustbin

Broken Mirror – Dark Art and Dark Poetry

Broken Mirror

We label others
by their ugly past
and see them
as monsters… no less
But sometimes we forget
that we ourselves
created these abominations
in our head, in our heart
only to find out in the end
that we are walking
on broken pieces
of shattered mirrors…

– Poetic Dustbin

Grim – Dark Art and Dark Poetry


I lie awake in your sleep
Your soul to take and keep
I am your cold nightmare
You’ll never be aware
I am the thief in the night
That instills hellish fright
In your subconscious I stalk
You may scream but not talk
Then when you close your eyes
I shall take you as my prize

– Poetic Dustbin

The Batman and The Joker – Fan Art – Dark Art

The Batman and The Joker

A Fanart – My take on two 
of my favorite DC characters
The Batman for his wit, intelligence
and his Dark take on Justice
The Joker for his cunning style
and crazy stunts and insanity…
The way he looks at the world…
all that pain … 
and laughter

– Poetic Dustbin