Poetic Dustbin

Day 1

Well, it didn’t go as planned in the time sched… again i got pre-occupied with MTG Arena… I was planning to study Premiere or After Effects but I ended up building a deck for my next video…

My first deck was a bit unsuccessful. Blue/Green with Uro, Mass Manipulation and Gadwick wasno match for aggro decks. It did well with other decks like control and the ones with slow green mutts.

My second is the Superfriends deck which include a massive number of Planeswalkers like Ashiok, Teferi, Narset, Bolas and Karn. It’s performing well. Shatter the Sky and Deafening Clarion put a stop to those weenie attackers. Still have to test it more.

Hopefully today, it’s almost 1am, I can discipline myself in to following my time sched… 🤞..