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Dream Blog 01: Inception… It’s real!

I have watched the movie “Inception” like three times and the idea that they inject in how far can you go in your dream state is phenomenal. But I never thought that I would be experiencing this myself.

Maybe some of you can relate to having weird or funky dreams all the time but having to go to an extent of controlling them or going up the level of dreaming within a dream is rare in my experience. I’ve had these experiences more than enough that sometimes they scare me.

I’ll be tackling on my other dreams in upcoming blogs but for now, this most current inception as I’ll be calling it happened couple of days back.

I woke up really feeling sleepy and the foam where i sleep and in my bedroom was now situated in our living room, i went out saw Tita Bell (she passed away years back) who asked me if my head was aching. I said no but I do feel really sleepy. I went to lie down again on the foam to sleep.

And I woke up again and saw my two pc monitors were gone and were replaced with a single small monitor. Still feeling sleepy… I went down and saw the foam and pillows in the kitchen asked myself why it was there? Everything wen blur …

I woke up again drowsy and sleepy. I said to myself, I should get coffee I tried slapping my face twice consciously knowing that I am indeed in a dream. At this moment, I felt fear and because I was in some sort of a dream loop or cycle. I don’t if my eyes were open but at this time, I see the things around my room while lying down but it was so blurry. I said to myself, I need to wake up… I tried forcing my body to shake intensely and screaming in the inside to wake up! … Wake up! It felt useless and futile ….

But I did… I woke up…