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Ginisang Amplaya ( Sauteed Bitter gourd )

Ampalaya. You’ll hate it first and love it in the long run.

This is my mortal enemy when i was a kid after the first taste. And i swear from that day, I will never again eat it.

Fastforward to my college days, when one day i got home and the only food on the table aside from rice is ginisang ampalaya. I almost fell into tears and felt damned 😁.

My hunger told me otherwise. My tummy whispers opportunity. I took a spoon, scooped and slowly put it into my mouth. Oh my god! That bitter taste. I went to the fridge for water but heaven was merciful. I saw a bottle of Coke. Drank. And alas! I realized that i can take bittergourd’s taste as long as i have my good friend coca cola by my side.

And now, i have outgrown the need for soda just to eat this. Still not my favorite but i love it for its nutritional value.

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