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Gravity by Vienna Teng

Gravity is a song that belongs to my Top 10 list of all time… It’s a masterpiece. It touches my heart and soul every single time I listen to it.

Overall, I’ve been a big fan of Vienna Teng’s music especially the early ones (Waking Hour and Warm Strangers) . My wife loves her too. The words and melody in her songs are full of emotion. Some other songs you may like are: My Medea, Harbor, The Tower, Anna Rose, Momentum and Lullabye for a Stormy Night.

I highly recommend you look her up in Spotify and listen… it’s like a deep awakening…


Hey love,
Is that the name you’re meant to have…
for me to call.
Look love,
they’ve given up believing,
they’ve turned aside our stories of the gentle fallBut don’t you believe them.
Don’t you drink their poison too.
These are the scars that words have carved
on me.Hey love,
that’s the name we’ve long held back
from the core of truthSo don’t turn away now…
I am turning in revolution.
These are the scars that silence carved
on me.This is the same place.
No, not the same place
This is the same place, love.
No, not the same place we’ve been before.Hey love,
I am a constant satellite
of your blazing sun.
My love,
I obey your law of gravity.
This is the fate you’ve carved on me…
Your law of gravity…
This is the fate you’ve carved on me…
On me.

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