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How to Prevent Mobile Phone Addiction in Kids…

Into the great wide open - Poetic Dustbin
Into the great wide open – Poetic Dustbin

Children these days know the world inside the digital box they are holding everyday. This situation worsened when COVID 19 hit the world. Kids can’t go out, travel and play. Well of course, we do value their health but allowing them to sit for hours in front of their mobile devices is totally unhealthy too.

I totally get it, this is a new generation and we need to adapt. But it didn’t state that adaption is synonymous to addiction. The internet and the social media are not safe for kids. Aside from stalking pedophiles and predators, they are in real danger taking in information not suitable for their age. We can only do so much in restricting their access and building firewalls to cloak them from the wickedness of the web.

What we can do better is offer them other ways in spending their time. Creative educational hobbies, small tasks and pet projects can be helpful in building their sense of true social connection, good communication and creative skills. And it will also develop close ties to your family.

Technology is an evolution and it here to stay. I can never advice you to take away your kids’ mobile phones, laptops or tablets because it’s also denying them the future. I’m also not advising you to enforce strict rules in usage or screen-on time, this will only make them rebel. What I want to emphasize is to show them that there is a world outside their devices.

The world will slowly get better even with on-going COVID issue but it is our duty as parents to make this world a better place for our children’s future. Teach them that our planet is not enclosed inside an Amoled screen, tell them that Apple is a fruit and not just a phone or a tablet. Remind them everyday that Life exists outside their devices and inside your home.

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