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Infinite 2021 with Mark Wahlberg – Movie Review

I wasn’t supposed to make this review but I need to inform or rather warn viewers to only watch this movie if and only if you have free time to waste and you’re really that curious if the other reviews or movie site ratings are accurate. Well, I made that mistake. I had high hopes about this movie since it includes Mark Wahlberg, Chiwetel Ejiofor and Dylan O’Brien; These are respectable actors in their own rights. But I was wrong.


Infinite is about a group of special humans called Infinites who reincarnates to a new human everytime they die. They retain all the memories from their initial lives. The infinites has two factions: The Believers (The Good) and The Nihilist (The Bad). The Nihilist led by Bathurst (Chiwetel Ejiflor).

Evan McCauley (Mark Wahlberg) is one of the believers who play a key role in the story but in this present lifetime, he seemed to have no recall of what he really is. He was diagnosed with mental illness and got into a car accident which in someways impaled his memories. He gets these episodes every now and then about his past lives which he though was brought about his diagnosis.

The story revolves around the recovery of a device they called the “Egg” which will be the end of all humanity as they say. Evan McCauley is the only one who knows where the egg is during his pass life instance as Treadway who perished protecting it. Bathurst’s goal is to get it and activate it.

This film is an adaptation of of D. Eric Maikranz’s novel “The Reincarnationist Papers”.

The Actors

Mark Wahlberg (Evan McCauley), in fairness to Mark, he did good here in terms of action and being is his self. The only weird thing is that my daughter pointed out to me is that he isn’t a right fit for the character. And the as the movie progresses, I felt the same way too. The role is not for him.

Chiwetel Ejiflor (Bathurst), Chiwetel is also a bit of awkward too for the character and I think he’s trying way too hard to play the role of the bad guy. This is not him.

Dylan O’Brien (Trevor), now this, Dylan is the only character in the movie which I like, I think it would’ve been better if he was casted as the main character here. Everything in his role is a perfect fit.

The Action

The first minutes of the movie is a blast and looks promising with all the actions, car chases and neat tricks. But that’s just it, there were way too many action scenes in the movie that it fell short of the story. Some scenes were unnecessary. The action scenes made the story convoluted in the way it was shown and told.

My Take

I’m sad to say that this is just a bad movie considering the way it was filmed and presented with all the action scenes and effects. The story progress can be compared to “chopsuey”, a mixed vegetable dish.

But, it could’ve been a good one. The premise has a good platform. I believe that this type of movie needs more substance and intricate details to make the whole film work and not just a handful of good names and jumbled action scenes, car chases and special effects.

This is movie is forgettable in my opinion.

But if you persist.. you can watch it here: https://www3.bflix.to/movie/infinite-lrvkq

I give Infinite a 1 out of 5