Poetic Dustbin

Is there Life?

You can never please everybody. That’s a fact.

When you try hard enough trying to accomplish that you will end up miserable all the time.

You will begin to hate yourself, degrade your own value and lose your self-respect.

Let’s face it, your life’s value is measured on what you can do to others and how they value that.

One trait of humans is that they will ultimately forget all the good things you do if you commit one mistake towards them.

It’s a shame that most of us will never submit to unconditional love. Most of us will expect something in return for every instances we give.

What is life in this world of expectations?

You are a fool to accept that love for other people and showing them that you care will bear fruit of reciprocation.

In the world we are now living, nothing is ever free… Love is a commodity you will trade to be accepted… And the worst thing about this is… It’s expensive but unreliable…