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MTG Arena – Standard Deck – Black and White Control Deck with Baneslayer Angel and Ugin

Orzhov Control Deck with a lots of removals, discard and exile cards. It’s a hate deck. Take out your opponent’s creature then kill him/her with a Baneslayer or Ugin or Emeria’s Call Angel Tokens. Simple as that!


3x – Baneslayer Angel

3x – Bloodchief’s Thirst
2x – Cling to Dust
3x – Birth of Meletis
3x – Agonizing Remorse
3x – Heartless Act
3x – Mazemind Tome
4x – Inscription of Ruin
3x – Shatter the Sky
2x – Extinction of Event
3x – Elspeth Conquers Death
1x – Shadow’s Verdict
2x – Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

3x – Emeria’s Call / White
1x – Castle ardenvale
1x – Castle Lochtwain
4x – Temple of Silence
4x – Fabled Passage
1x – Crawling Barrens
6x – Swamp
5x – Plains

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