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MTG Arena Standard Deck – Mono Blue Ugin 2 with Teferi Master of Time and Mu Yanling Sky Dancer

Using mana-producing artifacts, we ramp up to play UGIN as early as possible. We interact with Brazen Borrower and other bounce creatures. Teferi Master of Time helps us draw alongside Gadwick plus another card draw advantage is Keruga being played on board. For an alternate win condition, we have Mass Manipulation to steal our opponents creatures and planeswalkers and use them against our foe.


Keruga, The Macrosage

4x – Barrin, Tolarian Archmage
4x – Brazen Borrower
2X – Gadwick, the Wizened

4x – Altar of Pantheon
3x – Chromatic Lantern
4x – Heraldic Banner
2x – Mu Yanling, Sky Dancer
3x – Teferi, Master of Time
2x – Sublime Epiphany
3x – Mass Manipulation
4x – Ugin the Spirit Dragon

2x – Castle Vantress
3x – Fabled Passage
4x – Radiant Fountain
16x – Islands

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