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MTG Arena – Standard Deck : Monoblack Enchantment and Graveyard Deck with Hateful Eidolon and Lurrus

Standard Monoblack Deck that features Hateful Eidolon, Dead Weight, Mire’s Grasp, Lurrus of the Dream Den Combo… The idea is kill the opponents small creatures again and again… Very effective gains mono white and mono red aggro deck. It can take the Lotus Cobra Deck with the right timing. It’s a competitive deck especially in standard and can disrupt the existing Meta.


4x – Archfiend’s Vessel
4x – Hateful Eidolon
4x – Serrated Scorpion
3x – Alphemia, the Cacophony
4x – Lurrus of the Dream Den

4x – Dead Weight
1x – Omen of the Dead
3x – Village Rites
4x – Mire’s Grasp
2x – Call of the Death Dweller
4x – Elspeth’s Nightmare
2x – Eat to Extinction

2-Faced Lands
2x – Malakir Rebirth
2x – Agadeem’s Awakening

2x – Castle Lochtwain
12x – Swamp
3x – Fabled Passage

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