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MTG Arena – Standard Dimir Control Deck with Ugin the Spirit Dragon and Ashiok Nightmare Muse

This deck works by limiting your opponent’s hand and killing their creatures. You don’t allow them to establish a good board. Then you finish them off with either Ashiok or Ugin. The sideboards work well too with Fae of wishes. .Mazemind Tome is a key card here to get good cards and extend your life a bit against aggro decks. It’s like sending a message to your opponent: “I’m evil! and it’s hopeless”.


4x – Fae of Wishes
1x – Gadwick, The Wizened

3x – Opt
3x – Bloodchief’s Thirst
2x – Cling to Dust
3x – Duress
4x – Omen of the Sea
4x – Agonizing Remorse
3x – Heartless Act
3x – Mazemind Tome
4x – Inscription of Ruin
2x – Extinction Event
2x – Ashiok, Nightmare Muse
2x – Shark Typhoon
2x – Ugin, The Spirit Dragon

3x – Jwari Ruins/Jwari Disruption
1x – Silundi Isle / Silundi Vision
2x – Hagra Broodpit / Hagra Mauling
1x – Sea Gate Restoration
10x – Island
9x – Swamp
4x – Clear Pathway
2x – Temple of Deceipt
4x – Zagoth Triome
2x – Crawling Barrens

1x – Stern Dismissal
1x – Unsummon
2x – Mystical Dispute
1x – Pestilent Haze
1x – Inscription of Insight
1x – Eat to Extinction
2x – Extinction Event
1x – Liliana Waker of the Dead
1x – Ashiok, Nightmare
1x – Sublime Epiphany
1x – Kiora Bests the Sea God
1x – Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

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