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MTG Arena – Original Standard Dimir Yorion Mill and Kill Control Deck with Ashiok

This is another Dimir Evil Deck. How evil? It Mills and It Kills. Teferi’s Tutelage and Maddening Cacophony will be the keys to milling, that is , if the crab didn’t manage to get it done. Plenty of removals with Ashiok and a bit of Ugin to level the battlefield. If the key cards fall into your hands at a good time, then it’s the worst time for your opponent. Have fun!


1x- Yorion, Sky Nomad

4x – Ruin Crab

Non-Creature Spells
2x – Bloodchief’s Thirst
2x – Cling to Dust
4x – Drown in the Loch
2x – Extinction Event
3x – Heartless Act
4x – Frantic Inventory
4x – Into the Story
4x – Maddening Cacophony
3x – Negate
3x – Omen of the Sea
2x – Shadow’s Verdict

2x – Ashiok, Nightmare Muse
1x – Ugin, The Spirit Dragon

2x – Hagra Mauling/Hagra Broodpit
4x – Jwari Disruption/Jwari Ruins
1x – Sea Gate Restoration/Sea Gate Reborn
2x – Hagra Mauling/ Black
1x – Castle Vantress
2x – Dismal Blackwater
2x – Temple of Deceit
4x – Zagoth Triome
4x – Clearwater Pathway
4x – Fabled Passage
5x – Swamps
6x – Islands

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