Poetic Dustbin

MTG Arena – Standard Mono Red with Infuriated Fervent Champion and Phoenix of Ash and Slaying Fire

This is as simple as it gets. Attack and attack! Lower the opponent’s life then blast them with Shocks and Slaying Fire! There’s no sub strategy or alternate wincon. Just watch out though; If the opponent establishes a good defense perimeter, the probability of winning the game becomes slimmer.

Deck build:

4x – Fervent Champion
4x – Tin Street Dodger
4x – Robber of the Rich
4x – Runaway Steam Kin
4x – Phoenix of the Ash

3x – Infuriate
4x – Shock
4x – Light up the Stage
4x – Slaying Fire

3x – Castle Embereth
18 – Mountains

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