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MTG Arena – Standard Orzhov Cleric Deck with Luminarch, Cleric of Lifes Bond and Luminous Broodmoth

Standard Cleric Deck with Cleric of Life’s Bond, Hallowed Priest getting bigger and badder with the help of Luminarch Aspirant … Don’t forget Speaker of the Heaven’s firing up those angels plus they never stay dead with Lurrus and Luminous Broodmoth. Let’s attack!


3x – Alseid of Life’s Bounty
3x – Speaker of the Heavens
2x – Archfiend’s Vessel
4x – Hallowed Priest
3x – Impassioned Orator
4x – Luminarch Aspirant
4x – Cleric’s of Life’s Bond
2x – Kor Celebrant
1x – Vito, Thorn of the Dusk Rose
2x – Lurrus of the Dream Den
2x – Luminous Broodmoth
30 Creatures

4x – Dire Tactics
1x – Maul of the Skyclaves
2x – Call of the Death Dweller
7 Spells

4x – Skyclave Basilica / Skyclave Cleric
1x – Emeria’s Call / Emeria’s Shattered Sky Clave
1x – Agadeem’s Awakening
1x – castle Ardenvale
4x – Brightclimb Pathway
4x – Scoured Barrens
2x – Fabled Passage
3x – Plains
3x – Swamp
23 Lands

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