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MTG Arena – Standard Rakdos Fun Deck with Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger and Lurrus of the Dream-Den

A Fun Deck to play casting Kroxa over and over again. Another win condition is to use your opponents creature against them then sacrifice it to either draw or kill another creature they own. Late hurrah before the rotation…


3x – Archfiend’s Vessel
4x – Serrated Scorpion
3x – Goblin Arsonist
3x – Footlight Fiend
3x – Dreadhorde Butcher
4x – Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger
3x – Lurrus of the Dream Den

3x – Spark Harvest
4x – Village Rites
3x – Claim the Firstborn
3x – Call of the Death-Dwellers
2x – Act of Treason

4x – Blood Crypt
4x – Fabled Passage
7x – Swamp
7x – Mountain

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