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Netflix – Blood Red Sky 2021 – Spoiler Free Review

The Trailer

A film about a plane being hijacked? Done. A film about a plane being hijacked by terrorists with a vampire passenger on board? Now that is something new.

And this movie is nothing short of excitement.

There’s nothing to spoil here because the trailer itself already gave that whole scenario. The story will be about how did it happen and how the hijackers face the conflict of an unseemingly wild card. What happens to the passengers who are caught in the middle?

The concept is new even though it’s bits and pieces taken from other movies much like “Snakes on a Plane” but believe me; This story is much much better.

I love the way the vampire looks. It reminds me of one of my favorite vampire film: 30 days of night. No, the vampire here has no sparkles. It’s fierce, hungry and frightening.

The Synopsis

The story is about a mother (Nadja) and son(Elias) on a plane which was hijacked by a group of terrorist led by Berg. And due to some circumstances, Nadja was shot and killed in front of her son. Then the dark secret was unveiled. The terrorists didn’t realize that Nadja was not really dead. She can’t be killed just like that cause she is, you guess it, a vampire. And the only way to keep her son safe is to take down the terrorists herself. And begins the rage of a vampire mother and the start of the bloodbath.

Blood Red Sky Review - Netflix - Poetic Dustbin
Blood Red Sky Review – Netflix – Poetic Dustbin

The Actors

There were only a few actors I really am familiar with in this flick but you know what? They did really well playing their roles.

Peri Baumeister (Nadja) – She stars in 2019 TV Series in Netflix: Skylines as Sara. in Blood Red Sky, Peri is the right fit for the vampire role. Her face, her expression and emotion can be felt throughout the movie. She is fierce yet you can sense her motherly instinct pacifying some of her monstrous

Dominic Purcell (Berg) – Yep the brother of Michael Scofield in “Prison Break” and Mick Rory as Heat Wave in the famous DC Legends of Tomorrow TV Series. He leads the terrorist group here and knowing Dominic in some other movies. He’s a flexible actor and did fairly well but I guess his name title is a plus too.

Carl Anton Koch (Elias) – Nadja’s son’s role is as much as important as hers. His charisma gave this movie a bit of heart and emotion.

Blood Red Sky Review - Netflix - Poetic Dustbin
Blood Red Sky Review – Netflix – Poetic Dustbin

My Take

Blood Red Sky 2021 is far from being perfect in its genre and I can say that it can still be improved entirely with a little more budget, adding some elements and taking away some. But, it does deliver in forms of excitement and entertainment. The scenes move in good phasings so you will never get bored. I really like this movie especially how they depict a vampire image.

Blood Red Sky is worth your time and I give it a

3.5 out of 5

Blood Red Sky Review - Netflix - Poetic Dustbin
Blood Red Sky Review – Netflix – Poetic Dustbin

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