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Anger-poeticdustbin Anger… Quick Pencil Art View in Instagram Anger It is a dangerous feeling that leads to catastrophic consequences if uncontrolled...- Poetic Dustbin

Anger… Quick Pencil Art Read More »

misery--poeticdustbin Misery… View in Instagram Misery Who to blame? No one but yourself because you allow a person destroy you from the…

Misery… Read More »

smokin-demon-poeticdustbin Smokin’ Demon… Drawing Huawei MatePad Pro Paper Matte Edition View in Instagram Smokin' Demon Getting back to Digital Drawing... Smokin' Demon...On #huaweimatepadpro - Poetic Dustbin

Smokin’ Demon… Drawing Huawei MatePad Pro Paper Matte Edition Read More »

Juliana-and-Princess-poeticdustbin Juliana and Princess ❤️ – My Daughters View in Instagram Juliana and Princess People in my Wallet- Poetic Dustbin

Juliana and Princess ❤️ – My Daughters Read More »

collective-chaos-poeticdustbin Collective Chaos… View in Instagram Collective Chaos Worthy of a Shot- Poetic Dustbin

Collective Chaos… Read More »

Monster-Flower-poeticdustbin A Monster Flower View in Instagram A Monster Flower Beauty is in the evil eye of orms-by-gore......just sayin..- my crude way of using…

A Monster Flower Read More »

moth-on-a-windshield-poeticdustbin Moth on a Windshield… View in Instagram Moth on a Windshield Time to Capture some Moths- Poetic Dustbin

Moth on a Windshield… Read More »

walking-calamity-poeticdustbin Walking Calamity… A Dark Art View in Instagram Walking Calamity Another Monster Machine Abomination- Poetic Dustbin

Walking Calamity… A Dark Art Read More »

fly-on-a-leaf-poeticdustbin Fly on a Leaf… View in Instagram Fly on a Leaf Flies are fascinating... - Poetic Dustbin

Fly on a Leaf… Read More »

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