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I like taking photos of people, animals, landscape, nature but my favorite subject is anything on the grunge side. I usually shoot them in colors and post-process the images in black and white or grayscale tone. I think black and white photos bring more depth in terms of substance and definition. I shoot with my iPhone and I think it’s still the best tool for mobile photography.

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Poetry – Enemy

Stand before your foes
Destroy their faulty deeds
Succumb them to their woes
Choke them in their prayer beads

Enemy - Photography - Aezekiel - Poetic Dustbin

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Strange Love - Poetic Dustbin

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Travel Photo - Stay Focused - Boracay - Poetic Dustbin

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Boracay Ocean Waves with Hazelknots

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Not a Grumpy Cat - Poetic Dustbin

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I Hate Politics

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cat - joker - impression

  View on Instagram https://instagr.am/p/CN4adOyHKEz/ 😹🃏😁… .. Credits 📸 @hazelknots ❤️ for the raw photo.. . . . . . . . …