Poetic Dustbin

Reaction is a Choice

Every single thing that lingers inside your brain, simple or complex will be funneled down into a tiny pipe called CHOICE…

What happens next after the other is a result of your choice. Little things like, are you going to take that next step or are you going to touch your face or maybe as finite as inhaling or exhaling, they are instant choices.

Reaction to circumstances leaves you with options too. You can choose to be angry, to be sad, to be happy or to be numb. Sometimes, the time to select which to run in your emotions happens so quickly you instantly say or do something and regret it.

There are factors that can help you check or at least get a clear view in your head before you push that GO button.


Do not act on impulse. Hold your horses. Close your eyes and breathe in and out even for 2 seconds. Only then you can open your mouth to say or do what you need to .


Wait a bit to clear your head. Let the commotion die down. Calm your mind. Listen to classical music and leave the problem or issue for a moment. This will help you list down all your options.


It may sound like words cropped up from a bible page. But these three other virtues will help you mold your mind and heart to make decisions that will mostly affect you and other people on a positive way. Being courteous will narrow down your words into non-hurtful phrases. Giving respect will keep your pride and ego locked up. This will keep your level in check and remind you that we are all equal. Lastly, kindness matters a lot. This is the key in seeing the good in people and grey shade them with just the mistakes they did.

Choices we make with our minds and hearts every second will eventually tell the next page of a chapter in our lives. We have to keep these decisions check. We can make good of the results or they can destroy a future.

-poetic dustbin

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