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Simple Way to Tuna Pesto

My dinner couple of days ago…

Tuna Pesto and Wheat Bread…

We ran out of Parmesan cheese so I opted for grated Cheddar cheese instead… not bad actually. It’s a cheaper workaround.

So what’s in the Pesto? Lots of garlic, 3 small tall cans of Century Tuna and Clara Ole’s sachet of Cheese Pesto..

And the How? First, Cook the pasta according to your chosen firmness. Then, drain the tuna off of its oil. Load and heat an ample amount of olive oil, add a spoonful of butter. Put in the garlic and after 2 mins, add the tuna. Pitch in a generous amount of ground black pepper and small amount of salt just for taste. Stir and let it stand for around 3 mins or so. Add 2-3 spoons of the cheesy pesto. Add the pasta then add more cheesy pesto. Stir to your heart’s delight. Cook for a couple of minutes. Top it with parmesan cheese or in our case grated cheddar cheese..

Voila! Simply done. 👍

There’s more here…

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