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MTG Arena Standard Mardu Deck Dog Tribal, Alpine Houndmaster, Pack Leader, Kumoros and Embercleave

Hot, Hot, Hot Dogs in the Arena. Mardu Aggro Deck Dog Tribal that PACKS a wallop with Embercleave. It’s simple as it is. Release your dogs on the battlefield and attack! Selfless Savior helps in protecting your dogs, Pack Leader makes em bigger, tougher and invulnerable on attack and Embercleave… well they get the job done sooner than you think. As they say, Who let the dogs out?! Woof woof woof…


4x – Selfless Savior
3x – Akoum Hellhound
3x – Alpine Watchdog
4x – Pack Leader
2x – Chandra’s Magmutt
3x – Igneous Cur
4x – Alpine Houndmaster
3x – Bolt Hound
3x – Kumoros, Hound of Athreos

4x – Infuriate
3x – Embercleave

4x – Brightclimb Pathway
4x – Needleverge Pathway
4x – Savai Triome
2x – Animal Sanctuary
2x – Fabled Passage
2x – Plains
2x – Swamp
4x – Mountain

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