Poetic Dustbin

I hunt therefore I am… Ten ten the Siamese King


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We call him Tenten… my Aunt’s big Siamese cat… He’s a tough breed who chose to lurk on our roofs rather stay with my other feline friends… He comes down everyday only for food. He’s a super cat with ‘Wolverine’ like immunity and strength. Other cats in the area fear him and no cat ever dares to cross him!

Couple of month’s back, He fell from the roof down to the ground. He survived with just a broken leg. I was really worried it’ll be worse. He disappeared for a couple of weeks. We really didn’t know were he went or what happened to him. Then one day, I saw him back on the roof! and I’m glad He pulled through…

And now He’s miraculously healed and fully recovered. He’s back on top jumping from one roof to another.

I love this cat and has my full respect!