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Turks Chicken Pita Doner

Turks Chicken Pita Doner

This was my doner and dinner last night, pun intended 😁…

Me and my honey are big fans of Turks’ Pita Doner. Though she likes the beef more, I tend to opt for the chicken variety. I just think it’s more flavorful 😊…

Turks Chicken Pita Doner

Inside this Pita: Chicken bits damped with slightly spicy taste, cucumber, onion and tomato with cheese sauce and white sauce… wrapped in Pita bread.

It’s full packed and for me, one is enough. For 60 pesos, It’s good value to suffice your craving and silence your tummy. It’s still my choice for anything Pita in the Metro… 👍.

There’s more here…

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