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TV Series Review – Survive with Sophie Turner

First and foremost, just ignore the Rotten Tomatoes score on this series!

“Survive” is a Mini-series from Quibi which none of us are familiar of 🙂 … Don’t worry, I’ll give a direct link where you can watch this. I will try my best not to spoil the story.

Let’s proceed.

The Actors

Survive stars Sophie Turner (JANE) which we all know from Game of Thrones as Sansa Stark and from the current X-men movies as Jean Grey. Corey Hawkins (PAUL) who starred in Kong Island and 6 Underground also appeared in The Walking Dead.

Sophie Turner is Jane: a suicidal girl who’s released from a psychiatric ward and sent home to be with her family. She depicts a person under depression and she portrayed it well. The whole point of her story can be heard through the narrative and her facial expressions in each scene.

Corey Hawkins is Paul: the guy he met in the airport who was immediately attracted to her. His role here was more of a support figure but I do commend his acting as sticking strictly to his portrayal.

The Story

The story revolves around Jane and Paul who survived a plane crash and how they fight for their lives in the wilderness and with the harsh weather condition. It promotes the importance of Life and the dark side of depression and its effect to one’s mental stability.

Sounds simple, right?. Well not really. The essential part of the story was the journey and how they manage to put up with each other. There are intense scenes that’s more than enough to keep you watching. It’s not perfect though, there will be moments in the episodes where you’ll be wondering, “is that possible?”. but nevertheless, the rest of the cake will keep you hungry.

Jane and Paul also have that special chemistry.


This web series was primarily made for mobile devices viewing. You’ll understand when you watch it. The shots were pretty amazing. From the wide landscapes view to the minute face focusing and moving cinematics, this made the series really watchable. I think this is one of the best-shot series in its genre and format.

My Take

The story does have some not-so-believable elements but if you focus more on the characters and their interaction, it is forgivable. I love watching Jane here as how she narrates the feeling of holding on to the past and carrying that burden of blame brought about the lingering memories in her head. And Paul was that guy that blended in to keep the balance of the scale.

It’s a short series and you can binge on this in one-seating. It has 12 episodes and each episodes runs around 8 minutes and a half. It has some really dark elements on how an individual see the meaning of life and death especially when placed in difficult situations.

I do recommend this and it’s time well spent. I give “SURVIVE” a

3.5 out of 5 Stars

—- you can watch it here for free : https://www3.bflix.to/series/survive-jp0z4

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