Poetic Dustbin

Who The Fuck Am I?

I am Poetic Dustbin

I am an imbecile. I am stupid. I am rotten. I am a shithead. I am fucked-up. I am chaotic. I am dumb. I am a psychopath. I am a sociopath. I am a jerk. I am an asshole. I am a creep. I am useless. I am a failure. I am a Satanist. I am a Humanist. I am a Catholic. I am agnostic. I am a bad father. I am a bad husband. I am a bad son. I am not kind.

I am Poetic Dustbin
I am Poetic Dustbin

I am Poetic Dustbin

I am a mirror version of every human being who breathes the polluted air in this pathetic planet of ours.

What I am not is a politician. I am not perfect and will never be. I am not a hypocrite. I am not a religious person who goes to church, reads the bible, helps people, does good deeds and post them on social media. I am not a saint.

I am evil. I am wicked. I love my family more than anything else, so don’t fuck with them or I’ll fuck you up really good…

I am an artist by soul. I draw, I write, I play games and I take photos because I want to and not because I need to.

I am Poetic Dustbin. I am not you.

I am Poetic Dustbin

My Thoughts , My Life and The Absurdity

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