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Wonder Woman 1984 – My Short Review – No Spoilers

First up. I will not spoil anything. I promise :).

Let me say that, the Wonder Woman in 2017 is much better than this follow up. The story line of the first Wonder Woman was a bit more polished and every scenes and chapters were coherent with each other. And of course, the movie pave the rise of Woman Power at that time. It’s an inspirational movie aside from being a Super Hero One.

Now for WW84

The Good

The actors!

Gal Gadot is perfect for Diana Prince and Wonder Woman as always. She need exert too much effort to bring life to her character.

Pedro Pascal, the antagonist (Maxwell Lord), is on top of his performance. You may remember him as the Mandalorian who you rarely see his face on that TV series. But here, His facial expression was one of the things you will remember to the movie’s entirety, owning his role as Maxwell Lord. In this movie, you can see his acting acting prowess. He’s a good villain with Charisma!

Kirsten Wiig, (Barbara and Cheetah) is a bit of a mixed bag. The first few minutes will make you think that, “Is she right for the part?”, but as the story progresses, it becomes better. You’ll understand when you watch the movie.

Chris Pine, (Steve Trevor) is still as charming as before. The chemistry between Steve and Diana was very natural and you may mistake them as true to life partners. His ability to be himself and act naturally make it easy to agree on their combination. How did He come back? Well you need to watch the movie?

Other characters I won’t mention not because they’re insignificant and all but, these are the for that will have your attention pinned.

The Bad

The Story

Well, it takes place in 1984, and they really did a good job in making you feel it’s the 80s. I don’t want to give anything up to spoil it but as far as my eyes can see without rewinds and forwards, the era and scenes were captured perfectly. From the malls, to the streets and the cars, thumbs up for that. The story revolves around the desires of people and how they lead to to cataclysmic proportion.

But this, I’ll tell you. It’s an ok storyline but with the movie length of 2 hours plus, they could’ve used the time wisely and explore on the foundation of the movie synopsis itself. There were scenes that seem to be not needed.


It’s not that good. The 2017 Wonder Woman was better except for the Ares fight scene where the CGI went to over drive and crashed in an ugly way. In this movie, don’t set a high expectations on the CGI effects. It ain’t that polished but of course, it’s way better than other B-rated movie out there. No spoilers but you can check the initial mall action scene and the chapter in the desert. You’ll get my point.

My Take on the Movie

It’s a Wonder Woman movie, You see it because of Gal Gadot being the symbol of Feminine Prowess. You will see it because you’re a DC Fanatic. You will see it because you watched the first Wonder Woman or you’re a Fan of Mandalorian (Peter Pascal) or lastly, you will see it because it’s free to watch.

It’s not totally a waste of time in my opinion but I think they could’ve done better. It’s Wonder Woman and I’m a DC Fanboy that’s why I watched it. I give it a…

2.5 out of 5 stars

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