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26 August 2021 – Work from Home Blog – Last Day of Sprint Planning and Spaghetti

My Day

Woke up with an impromptu meeting regarding tasks about UI revisions for the Newsletter project. I knew this would be a busy day so I can’t cook breakfast. I decided to go for Mcdo Delivery, ordered pancakes for myself and chicken meals for the x’s.

I still had a bit of time to get some stretches and exercise done. I ate breakfast while in the meeting and did the dishes too.

During the lunch break, I spent some time checking on my blogs and creating some posts to share. I still need to find that key so that the adsense earnings could spike up. But what I really fuckin’ hate was my current web host that has limited resources. I always get this Error 508 and I can’t even create blog post because the my site was down. it’s annoying! Bollocks! I was able to select some artwork to be posted on our wall.

Sprint Planning for the RnD Team continued and I need to really pay attention so I can get a grasp on my next set if UI tasks. The meeting ended past 5pm but I needed to call my Boss MJ for some task clarifications and she was kind enough to lend me her time.

It’s a tiring day and I asked John to cook the spaghetti for our dinner. Thanks John! as always. I like his Pasta, creamy, cheesy and chunky. The kids and I had dinner around 8pm.

I created my list of tasks and posted them on our task board. After that I did some MTG Arena with my newly created Boros Dragon Deck. It still needs a little tweaking though. I also watched new episodes from Star Girl and Titans.

My Thoughts

  • I need to fix my sleeping habit and eat more and gain some weight again.
  • I’m still having dreams of my Mom lately
  •  I’m still a bit depressed but trying so hard to overcome that or at least lessen it. I’m beginning to build a secondary identity lately where I mask up and pretend everything is alright.
  •  Still no word from my honey, I miss her a lot.
  • In time, I know it will be better.

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