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27 August 2021 – Work from Home Blog – It’s Fuckin’ Friday, Yes!

My Day

It’s Fuckin’ Friday! Weekend is here, finally. This week was tiresome psychological, mentally, physically and spiritually. But I need to get by, I have people in my pockets to pursue this thing called life.

The day started with our Stand-up meeting… I was literally forcing myself to stand up… I barely slept… I spend 2 hours twisting and turning on the bed… I dreamt about my Mom again… But I need to wake up and attend the meeting…

Work from Home Blog

After the meeting, I went down to shake myself to start my work day… and I was greeted with the dishes… Not that I hate washing dishes… in fact, it’s the only household chore I enjoy doing…but this is how my week days start… dishes!

I had no choice but to clean ’em up. It annoys me to see piles of dirty dishes on the kitchen sink…

I brought my laptop down to check on emails and task loads. Today’s work was about updating and revising some css style elements having display issues with our current newsletter project. I love these things.

But before deep diving into work, I need to cook breakfast for us. Today is processed food day hehehe. But I was called into meetings and some tasks can’t wait so I asked my cousin John to help me with the preps. Thanks again!

I was able to catch a really short nap during lunch break. Work resumes. Friday is also Kanban Support Planning, good thing about this planning is that we get to chit-chat once in a while about life and all. Atleast for a short time, I get to forget about my anxiety.

After the meeting, I prepared dinner. Xy’s big suggestion: Shrimp Brisket! The soup in a sachet that looks really delicious on the cover. I added chunks of tonkatsu cold cuts and made a simple tomato-cucumber salad.

The Shrimp Brisket was okay but not really worth it. The kids didn’t like it. I’m not gonna buy it again.

After cleaning up, it’s game time! MTG Arena for the win and some losses…

My Thoughts

  • Friday is a the best work day of the week
  • I still miss my honey… 
  • sometimes, my depression whispers to me about ending my life. As of now, I still say no.
  • They always think I’m ok because I get to post these stuff on Social Media. I’m not. I’m just getting by… It’s hard… but I need to focus on love and responsibility. 
  • Sleep. I need sleep. Less coffee I guess.

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