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Amazon Prime’s The Invincible 2021 – Adult Animated TV Series Review – Spoiler Free

This is one badass tv series.

If you loved “The Boys” satirical superhero drama series and a fan of DC cartoon characters, then you’ll surely get hooked into this one.


This is a TV version of Robert Kirkman and Corey Walker’s comic series. This is a serious take on superheroes. It depicts real emotion and pain in each characters. It shows their strengths and weaknesses not only physically but psychologically too. It takes you into the lives of the characters behind the masks and displays the good and the bad of being a superhero. The action scenes here are mostly violent with blood and guts, and almost extremely gruesome.



It’s about a story of a young boy (Mark aka Invincible, played by Steven Yeun – Glen from Walking Dead) who’s the son of Omniman (a powerful superhero much like Superman) and part of the Guradians of the Globe (much like the Justice League). Mark is just manifesting his super powers much like his Dad. He tries to balance this together with a life of being a high school teenager and dealing with parents issues and all.

And as Mark learns to control his power and his new found abilities, his relationship with his father deepens in a complex way. Like any typical Dad, Nolan personally attends to Mark’s training in harnessing it to its full potential, preparing him as a global protector of our planet

Omni Man is a Vitrumite (some kinda Kryptonian), a super strong, super fast and almost invulnerable hero. He’s married to Debbie, Mark’s Mom, who’s a human. This makes Mark half Vitrium. His powers much like his Dad’s, are still on the early stages and the limits are still unknown.

Aside from his story, The series revolves on other superheroes and villains that offer different turns and plots. Each character here is memorable in his or her own way.

And yes, a bit of a spoiler here. There are really cool plot twists here even in the first episodes.


The Characters

Most of the characters in the series are played by actors in the Walking Dead TV show, you’ll know.Other ones are popular and you won’t even think that they’re actually in this series. They give meaning and life to the roles they portray. And The people involved make this a better take on the Comic Book counterpart. Their performances are rock solid and the casting are well distributed and all powerful. Just look at this list of voice-over actors.

My Take on Invincible

It’s not for everyone. It’s a different take on superhero animated series. If you’re up for an R-rated violent cartoon series. This one is for the big boys! And for me, this will keep me glued till the end or it gets cancelled hahahaha. I love everything about this show.

I give “Invincible” a 5 out of 5!

and you can watch Invincible here : https://www3.bflix.to/series/invincible-8xj3q

disclaimer: i don’t own the images. Credits to all the owners like IMDB

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