Poetic Dustbin

Dark Poetry

We are born evil – A Dark Art

We are Born Evil

We think of our beginning…
Did God create us… 
Or we came from a bacteria…
None of that matters… 
We are nothing like other animals…
They thrive to survive…
We live to destroy…
We are evil… from the start…

– Poetic Dustbin

Wicked Quote : Day Two… “Honesty is the Best Fallacy”

Wicked Quote: Day 2

Honesty is the Best Fallacy

We all lie. No one is Honest…

– Poetic Dustbin

Wicked Quote of the Day -Time is Cold

Time is Cold

Nothing much to be written…

It’s just my way of twisting the mind to see the reality of Time…

You can never own it… and it will screw you.. whenever …

So fuck it! 

– Poetic Dustbin

The Boatman – A Dark Poetry

The Boatman

It’s time to cross.. 
To the other side 
Where darkness shines 
And the light hides… 

I will guide you 
Till your life fades 
Into the River Styx 
To the belly of Hades..

– Poetic Dustbin

Thornament… A Thorn in my Pride…


Cut ’em down… Cut ’em down
These thorns hinder my sight
They darkened all the light
Lift up your sickle up right
Wave it by the rays of the sun
Break these infectious blight

Put ’em on, Leave ’em on
These thorns, my ornament
These demons, my ligament
Ripping me in the inside
I couldn’t breathe, couldn’t
Wash away the thorn in my Pride

– Poetic Dustbin

I and Faith… A Dark Poetry

I and Faith

Have Faith…
On which faith…
So many religions
So many Gods
So many prophets
and so many puppets

Pray… just pray
Kneel all day…
In gold churches
In tainted chapels
Save your soul
In a toilet bowl

– Poetic Dustbin

Disgust… A Dark Poetry


Inside and out
And everithing about
Politics is rotten
Worse than chaos
Haven for greed
Feeds on the needs
Selfish service
On a pound of feces
They’re all the same
Playing this game

– Poetic Dustbin

Exhausted – A Dark Poetry about Life


Life is an endless cycle
Of this and that…
We all ponder at times…
Why, how and what…
It’s tiresome, it’s tedious
All night and all day
I’m alone, I’m hideous
My mind wont let me pray
It’s a box… its a pill…
A void, numb and still..

– Poetic Dustbin

Take a Walk… A Dark Poetry

Take a Walk

I was by the corner
lamenting like a child
The lights were out
My screams were loud
Yet there was silence
There was nothing
There was no one
Love, hate, anger
Joy, grief, pain
filled my being
yet inside, empty
till i decided
to leave myself
sulking, crying
to heal and die
Heaven and hell
arms open wide
to take a walk
to the other side

– Poetic Dustbin

It’s a Big Bad World out there

It's a Big Bad World...

It’s a Big Bad World out there …
We just don’t see it…
But we’d rather close our eyes
and linger in our dream world…
it’s the best cure for anxiety…
Believe but don’t be deceived…

– Poetic Dustbin