Poetic Dustbin

Dark Poetry

I and Faith… A Dark Poetry

I and Faith

Have Faith…
On which faith…
So many religions
So many Gods
So many prophets
and so many puppets

Pray… just pray
Kneel all day…
In gold churches
In tainted chapels
Save your soul
In a toilet bowl

– Poetic Dustbin

Disgust… A Dark Poetry


Inside and out
And everithing about
Politics is rotten
Worse than chaos
Haven for greed
Feeds on the needs
Selfish service
On a pound of feces
They’re all the same
Playing this game

– Poetic Dustbin

Exhausted – A Dark Poetry about Life


Life is an endless cycle
Of this and that…
We all ponder at times…
Why, how and what…
It’s tiresome, it’s tedious
All night and all day
I’m alone, I’m hideous
My mind wont let me pray
It’s a box… its a pill…
A void, numb and still..

– Poetic Dustbin

Take a Walk… A Dark Poetry

Take a Walk

I was by the corner
lamenting like a child
The lights were out
My screams were loud
Yet there was silence
There was nothing
There was no one
Love, hate, anger
Joy, grief, pain
filled my being
yet inside, empty
till i decided
to leave myself
sulking, crying
to heal and die
Heaven and hell
arms open wide
to take a walk
to the other side

– Poetic Dustbin

It’s a Big Bad World out there

It's a Big Bad World...

It’s a Big Bad World out there …
We just don’t see it…
But we’d rather close our eyes
and linger in our dream world…
it’s the best cure for anxiety…
Believe but don’t be deceived…

– Poetic Dustbin

In The Feeds – Dark Poetry

in The Feeds

We are gods of the modern days
Speaking the truth
Solicited in social media
Waving the righteous hand
At the edge of our pedestal
We show the world our box
A colorful enigma
of dreams and possession
of a sculpted perfect life
But in the shadows
We bleed, we scream
Then we slowly break
And we snap our neck
In a snap of a shutter
No quotes or prayers
Can save our souls
In our final story…

– Poetic Dustbin

Transformation… . Change is Timeless and We are Not


Change is timeless
And we are not
The future has no horizon
It’s an endless tunnel
The past is a photograph
Of good and bad events
The present doesnt exist
It’s just a spoilage
Of both future and past
What life really is
is a tedious journey
to our death and decay
Our legacies will remain
But we will fade away
Slowly forgotten in time
As others live on…

– Poetic Dustbin

Broken Mirror – Dark Art and Dark Poetry

Broken Mirror

We label others
by their ugly past
and see them
as monsters… no less
But sometimes we forget
that we ourselves
created these abominations
in our head, in our heart
only to find out in the end
that we are walking
on broken pieces
of shattered mirrors…

– Poetic Dustbin

Grim – Dark Art and Dark Poetry


I lie awake in your sleep
Your soul to take and keep
I am your cold nightmare
You’ll never be aware
I am the thief in the night
That instills hellish fright
In your subconscious I stalk
You may scream but not talk
Then when you close your eyes
I shall take you as my prize

– Poetic Dustbin

A Broken Heart – Dark Art and Dark Poetry

A Broken Heart

Bleeding endlessly
Caressed by screams
Tendered by pain
scarred and raped
in a thousand chambers
It’s immortal traits
would beg to die
from continuous scars
in a broken jar
never filling
only spilling
a timeless clock
in eternal shock

– Poetic Dustbin