Poetic Dustbin

Dark Poetry

Inside My Chaotic Mind… A Dark Art & Poetry

Inside My Chaotic Mind

Puzzles with no shapes,
Borders with no ends,
Colors with no shades,
Screams with no sound,
Worlds with no meaning,
Sins with no souls…
Minds with no thoughts…
Only chaos… only chaos…

– Poetic Dustbin

Dark Thoughts Again

Dark thoughts... Again

Inking again… its been a while… I need to release some demonic spirits in my head… can’t have too many of them running amuck inside…

– Poetic Dustbin

Ex it.

Ex It

When life svcks…
And every single
Fvckin’ day sh!ts…
Ex it. Ex it. Ex it.
You don’t owe no one
Misery is a choice.
Fvck wishful thinkin’
Fvck hopeful thoughts.
Change. Change yourself.
Leave and Live. Let be.
Ex it. Ex it. Ex it.
Relax and pisz on it.

– Poetic Dustbin

The Third Eye… A Dark Art and Poetry

The Third Eye

I can see you..
Fading by the side
Walking through walls
Whispering, glancing
I know you
You were in my dreams
I can hear your screams
I can feel your pain
The sadness
The madness
You were once was
But no longer here…

– Poetic Dustbin

After the Rain… A Dark Poetry and Photo

After the Rain

Drip. Drop. Splash.
The sky wept again.
In a matter of hour,
She cried in pain.
She cried in anger.
She filled the land
With her tears,
Whispering her fears.
That one day, soon,
Her home will vanish
Will cease to exist
Because we failed
As its caretaker
To nourish. to flourish.
And as time wanders.
We shall be witnesses
On what will remain
Atlantis, after the rain..

– Poetic Dustbin

It’s not – Dark Poetry

It's Not!

Depression isn’t real…
It is never a big deal…
It’s just a state of mind…
You can just leave it behind…
Ignore the pain…
You are not insane…
Are you? Are you not?
Swallowing pills…
Smoking pot…
Winding a rope…
Drowning in dope…
Spirits in orange faith…
Don’t wait till it’s too late..

– Poetic Dustbin

Sky That Bleeds

Sky That Bleeds

The seeds that cry….
All scattered in the sky….
Tell me the truth and the lie….
Give me reasons from the why…
No matter how much we try…
We let mother nature die…

– Poetic Dustbin

My Demon… My Cat…

My Demon, My Cat

My demon…
My eyes to the paranormal world
My gateway to other dimensions..
My channel to both negative and positive energy…

– Poetic Dustbin

Pill… A Dark Art and Poetry


Inside my mind is a string of devious thoughts…
Inside my head is a plague of wickedness…
I keep silent… I keep quiet…
The only person that can hear me
Is at the other side of the mirror…
A solace for anxiety
A pill for depression
My buddy keeps me away
From my own apocalypse…

– Poetic Dustbin

Quick Daily Art Doodle – Gnaw


Reach out and eat…
Gnaw, chew then swallow
Pick from head to feet…
Fill up your belly…
Til’ their loved ones wallow..

– Poetic Dustbin