Poetic Dustbin

Dark Poetry

The Fruit of Truth – A Dark Poetry / Black and White Photography

The Fruit of Truth

No matter how high and tall
Brick by brick it will fall
With such colors in the light
Will succumb to the dark of the night
And with every laugh and smile
Is a happiness that only last for a while
Close your eyes and see the truth
We plant lies and harvest it’s fruit…

– Poetic Dustbin

Poison – A Dark Poetry


Stand Firm, Be Steady…
While they mock you,
While they betray you…
Never falter, Never bend
Claim your place
Always walk in grace…

Be Silent, Be Still
Watch their lies
Hear their whispers
Never speak a word
Hold your spear
You are their fear…

– Poetic Dustbin

The Evil Eye.. A Dark Art and Poetry

The Evil Eye

Keep it open
Keep it wide
The evil that grins
is by your side
Listen as you look
Pray as you kneel
The demon whispers
a deathly goodnye
echoing in a lullabye
Keep it open
Keep it wide
The evil in the dark
Will never hide…

– Poetic Dustbin

I am ugly… in Dark Arts and Poetry

I am Ugly

I am ugly…
That’s what you say…
I am a monster…
Society branded me…
Chained by names,
Token for games…
Indeed i am despicable…
hideous in your eyes..
But i am what you are
A decaying soul
Shrouded by flesh
Tainted by needles
Colored by pills…
I am ugly. I am.

– Poetic Dustbin

I am your mask… in Dark Arts and Poetry

I am your Mask

I am your mask.
A face of silence.
Coated in rotting flesh.
Walking amongst others.
Infecting. Corrupting.
Soon, this white facade.
Would require no cover.
And spill evil all over…

– Poetic Dustbin

What You See – Black and White Mobile Photography

What You See

A reflection…
A mirror image…
Water. Moonlight.
An alternate reality
Just beneath this world…

– Poetic Dustbin

A Monster of Doom – Dark Art

A Monster of Doom

We are broken pieces
Of a shattered future
We are delusional stars
Of a man-made galaxy
We are blind addicts
Of the blue social pills
We are all victims
Singing Hallelujah
To the Wifi Gods
Praying and yearning
For likes and followers
Eyes fixated, rolling
Swiping away
Each tick, each talk
We are humans
We are batteries
We are the energy
That powers our doom

– Poetic Dustbin

The Center… Nature Mobile Photography

The Center

The eye of the storm…
The main attraction…
The focus of attention…
We want to be…
We need to be…
Then we forget about…
The others around us…
This is social media…
The core of self proclamation…
To be gods of likes…

– Poetic Dustbin

Optica Demonicus – A Dark Art and Poetry

Opticus Demonicus

We see everything…
All that is wrong…
All that are mistakes…
Burdened by tempestuous thinking
We crowned ourselves as kings
Knowledgeable in all ways
In all ways, Social Media
24 hours glaring infects
From selfsucking platforms
Swiping our way to the top
In the end we are nothing
A pawn of a God with no cross..

– Poetic Dustbin

Wrath – A Dark Poetry


Anger in my veins
Consuming my being
Devouring my inside
I scream blood
I scream vengeance
I am no longer human
My appetite for chaos
dictates my need, my want
I shall eat your souls
Gnaw until they fester
Feast on your sorrows
I am hatred manifested
I am your dead tomorrows…

– Poetic Dustbin