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Dream Journal : The Lost Phone – 12 Feb 2021

All i can remember. I think I woke up around 2am.

I saw honey she was home and i hugged her tightly and told her i miss her so much. And she told me she missed me too. The place was like our compound. I ask her how she was able to come home amidst the travel ban. I forgot her answer.

A slipout scene (fragments in between): there were old photos of our family and friends around scattered on the floor and there was a guy picking them up and told me the photos went viral in social media.

Then we were in a dead end street much like Matias street, … there were a lot of people, mostly teens. There were these two young couples taking pics and i lend them my iphone so that they can use it to take photos. And there was this faceless guy again who were as if our friend. There were a group of street kids who looked at my phone and i was doubtful about them and i was right. When I turned around my phone was gone. I begged them to return it but they denied they have it. I’m really in a panic mode cause I just got the Phone. I haven’t totally paid it yet. The people around us were sketchy characters much like ex-cons. They knew the phone was stolen but i can see in their faces they weren’t gonna help. I asked them again to help me find it. I offered to pay Php 5000 just get it back but they keep on showing me items that was supposed to be my phone but it’s not. I offered Php7000 now and still they keep on showing me stuff asking if it was my phone. I told them that my last offer is 10k. Honey was trying to stop me from making offers but i insisted. Then there was this kid who told me, he knows where it is but when he showed me the phone it was not even my phone. I was disappointed and losing hope. A group of middle age man went inside our area … This group were dressed and acting like gang members from 80’s movies. We decided to stay away from them as much as possible. I tried to get smoke. And when I turned around, there these group of young guys in the street with dogs covered in some sort of sacks. They said the dogs were trained to fight. When they removed the sacks, one dog came at me and bit me on the right leg, I tried to get the dog off and his owner helped. I thought it was nothing but when i saw my leg; it was bleeding there were 2 big bite holes. Honey was worried, she said we need to wash and medicate it.

Scene changed. We went into a boat, i was a bit limping from the dog bite, it wasn’t bleeding that much. Honey sat in a queue for the boat ride. She let me borrow her slippers coz i was barefooted at that time and I need to pee. I cant seem to find the restroom. After some time I found it. It was a small open room and there was a pot like bin where I peed. Then there was this faceless guy again who was with me, we were talking about my phone and the incident. I remembered about the boat ride and rushed back to the line. I checked on my wounds they are still bleeding slightly. There queue was gone and honey saved me seat. I could see here from the entrance. The boat was small. But i went in i couldn’t find her seat but when looked behind, somebody shouted that she was there so I went to be with her.

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