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Food Review : Johnsonville Smoked Sausage

Johnsonville Smoked Sausage - Poetic Dustbin
Johnsonville Smoked Sausage – Poetic Dustbin

My Honey told me this sausage really tastes good. I said: “I really hope so, considering the price with only 6 dog sticks in the package. hehehe”

I got this pack in Trinoma Landmark Supermarket, sitting at the freezer where hams, hotdogs and sausages were placed… Johnsonville items were at the edge just before the pet items. Priced at 300 php plus with other variants costing more, I think to myself this must be yummier than the average ones which are cheaper.

The package carries 6 dog sticks and it’s fully cooked as indicated in the wrapper. There are 3 three ways to slightly heat or cook these hounds.

  1. You can add half an inch water to a pan or skillet and heat ’em there for roughly 6-7 minutes.. drain then add butter or oil to heat it for not more than 1 minute continuous turning…
  2. If you’re on a hurry or really lazy, You can microwave ’em for a minute in an 800watt setting…
  3. Or lastly if you’re outside on a party, you can grill ’em to your hearts content… just like the ones you see in movies where people smile because they’ll be eating your grilled dogs.

note: Be sure to make slices on the size if you’re going to pan fry them to make ’em look better presentation wise and of course to evenly cook the inside.. Don’t be a moron and do this. okay?

Johnsonville Smoked Sausage - Poetic Dustbin
Johnsonville Smoked Sausage – Poetic Dustbin

How to eat it like a normal Home Sapien?

  • You can eat it side by side with rice and eggs like in the pictures shown here. Please use a knife to slice it then fork it.
  • You can also insert it inside a hotdog bun if you happen to have on and pulverize it with onions and pickles … and flood it with mayo, mustard and catsup… and hopefully you enjoy the mashed up taste.
  • You can just thrust it with a stick or fork it by itself and gobble it like a hungry wolf stuck in Siberia for a year with nothing to eat but icicles.

My Verdict on this Smoked Sausage

It’s delicious and let’s just way it’s quality as expected. I’m not really a Sausage aficionado to detail the experience or the ingredients as they slide through my palette but for an average guy eating this, I say it is good and up there with other pricey sausages.

For the average people on a daily meal, I wouldn’t recommend this not because of any health issue but for the price. If this isn’t in your cravings’ list then I suggest you just opt for the cheaper ones which can also fill your stomach, taste good and lighter in your pockets.

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