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MTG Arena – BO1 Original Standard Golgari Demons and Pests Deck with Daemogoth Titan

This deck works two ways, you can either kill your opponent with multiple creatures sacrifices from using Tend the Pests on Daemogoth Titan then casting Plumb the Forbidden then they lose life from Bastion of Remembrance OR you can overwhelm them with Pesky Upgraded Pests from Blex, Vexing Pest… Get ready to “Pests” your opponent!


18 Creatures
4x – Eye Twitch
4x – Demon’s Disciple
3x – Woe Strider
3x – Blex, Vexing Pest
4x – Daemogoth Titan

19 Non-Creatures
3x – Village Rites
4x – Hunt for Specimens
4x – Plumb the Forbidden
4x – Tend the Pests
4x – Bastion of Remembrance

23 Lands
1x -Agadeem the Undercrypt/Agadeem’s Awakening
1x – Malakir Mire/Malakir Rebirth
1x – Hagra Broodpit/Hagra Mauling
4x – Darkbore Pathway
1x – Castle Lochtwain
4x – Fabled Passage
4x – Forests
7x – Swamp

1x – Environmental Sciences
1x – Necrotic Fumes
3x – Pest Summoning
2x – Mascot Exhibition

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