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I am a Father too…

I am a father of four beautiful ladies - Poetic Dustbin
I am a father of four beautiful ladies – Poetic Dustbin

I am a father too…

Being an artist and a father is a bit oxymoronic for me. One lives in freedom of rules and the other maker of rule. I am both. and because of that. I’m somewhere in the middle. Most of the elders define my way of raising my kids as inappropriate. I label it as unorthodox. I lay down my rules not to impose them but to simply guide them as they grow up. I wanted them not to fear the world but see the beauty in it amidst the chaos. yet I also wanted them to be critical and vigilant on things happening around them. but I don’t want them to compromise their freedom with mere reckless behavior. but rather face life with utmost care.

My kids are my friends. I give them the liberty to treat me like one even sometimes they cross the boundaries of respect. I do use the power switch once in a while to keep things at a level but I try to give justice to their reasonings.

There are things, I learned raising up girls. They are sensitive, emotional and give a big damn about their privacy. So I give them their space for their personal stuff. And always remind them that they can talk about anything with me or approach me anytime as long as my brain can process them… I am always ready to listen and not just hear.

My kids are never perfect. They are lazy, stubborn and can really be a pain in the ass. They are who they are and I love them nevertheless. I am not perfect too, not even close to being a good father. I make mistakes, sometimes lazy as a turtle and crazy as hell. And I appreciate them understanding some part of that. I don’t want them to be picture perfect. I want them to be themselves. It’s the only way individuals can face life without regrets and find their true identities.

Artist or no artist, we all want one thing for our children. No! not to be wealthy, famous and powerful. Success is just a word for the unsatisfied. But for our kids to be able to respect their own selves and be happy for who they are. Now that’s the greatest gift a father can ever receive.

Happy Father’s day to all! ❤️

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