Poetic Dustbin

MTG Arena – MonoBlack Life Drain with Ayara, Massacre Wurm and Gray Merchant


This deck works with Serrated Scorpions on board sacrificing them with either Ayara and Village Rites for draw. Bring them back with Call of Death Dweller and use them again. Massacre Wurm plays a good role here as an ender with a lot of creatures on board you can just play it and have the opponent’s creatures die and lose life at the same time. oh yeah, indestructible won’t work :)…

– Poetic Dustbin


4x – Serrated Scorpion
4x – Lazotep Reaver
4x – Ayara, First of Lochtwain
3x – Midnight Reaper
3x – Woe Strider
4x – Gray Merchant of Asphodel
2x – Massacre Wurm

4x – Village Rites
4x – Grasp of Darkness
3x – Call of the Death-Dweller

2x – Castle Lochtwain
22x – Swamp

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