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MTG Arena – Original Kaldheim Standard Deck Esper Control with Ashiok, Ugin, Kaya and Dream Trawler

MTG Arena Standard Kaldheim Esper Control Deck, How do you pilot this. Right timing on the usage of kill spells and counter spells. As long as you don’t get mana screwed, You are good to go. This deck has a number of board wipes so you need not worry about being overwhelmed by creatures in the later part of the game. Equipped with early removals and counter spells, this allows you to setup your board and manabased to launch Ashiok and Ugin. The Dream Trawler is unstoppable just keep your hands filled and save on a negate or counterspell. Raven’s Warning helps you draw and get a peek at your opponents hand and the bonus of gettinga card from your sideboard. Use it well…


Yorion, Sky Nomad

2 Creatures
2x – Dream Trawler

42 Non-Creatures
1x – Cling to Dyust
3x – Birth of Meletis
2x – Disdainful Stroke
3x – Negate
2x – Omen of the Sea
2x – Eliminate
2x – Heartless Act
3x – Saw It Coming
2x – Soul Shatter
4x – The Raven’s Warning
2x – Shatter the Sky
2x – Behold the Universe
3x – Extinction Event
1x – Cosmos Elixir
2x – Doomskar
3x – Elspeth Conquers Death
1x – kaya the Inexorable
2x – Ashiok, Nightmare Muse
2x – Ugin, The Spirit Dragon

36 Lands
1x – Emeria, Shattered Skyclave/Emeria’s call
1x – Sea Gate, Reborn/Sea Gate Restoration
1x – Crawling Barrens
1x – Field of Ruins
1x – Castle Vantress
4x – Hengegate Pathway
4x – Brightclimb Pathway
4x – Clearwater Pathway
2x – Temple of Enlightenment
2x – Temple of Silence
2x – Temple of Deceit
3x – Fabled Passage
4x – Snow-Covered Plains
3x – Snow-Covered Islands
3x – Snow Covered Swamp

1x – Unsummon
1x – Disenchant
1x – Negate
1x – Neutralize
1x – Elspeth Conquers Death
1x – Yorion Sky Nomad
1x – Kaya the Inexorable
1x – Sublime Epiphany
1x – Dream Trawler
1x – Alrund’s Epiphany
1x – Kiora Bests the Sea God
1x – Overflowing Insight
1x – Ugin The Spirit Dragon
1x – Island

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