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MTG Arena – Standard Rakdos Kroxa Hate Deck with Lurrus, Hateful Eidolon and Robber of the Rich

It’s back to Rakdos with Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger and my pet cat Lurrus of the Dream Den. Together with Hateful Eidolon and Dead Weight/ Mire’s Grasp… We got a hateful deck that kills creatures over and over … Robber of the Rich is quite a thief… and very useful in the early part of the game plus you can cast it again with Lurrus… This deck lives on the graveyard…


4x – Hateful Eidolon
4x – Robber of the Rich
4x – Kroxa, Titan of Death’s Hunger
4x – Lurrus of the Dream Den

4x – Dead Weight
3x – Bloodchief’s Thirst
4x – Dead Weight
3x – Village Rites
3x – Claim the Firstborn
4x – Mire’s Grasp
4x – Inscription of Ruin

3x – Spikefield Hazard/ Red
1x – Pelakka Predation/ Black
1x – Kazuul’s Fury/ Red
2x – Hagra Mauling/ Black
1x – Song-Mad Treachery
1x – Agadeem’s Awakening/ Black
1x – Castle Locthwain
4x – Savai Triome
2x – Fabled Passage
4x – Swamp
3x – Mountain

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