Poetic Dustbin

Drawing Spiderman… A Digital Art

Drawing Spiderman - Fanart

Here I am again… trying hard to educate myself on using Procreate… I’m glad my daughter Xy (Mysque.Com) is here to help me out on some quick runs and tips on how to use it easily… 

I’m still getting the hang of it though… I just realized how much I missed with my stubbornness in sticking to traditional art when digital art can make your life easier and open your creativity in a whole new level… 

I’m still a novice at this at my age but I’m happy to pursue this skill at my own phase. I still have that passion to grind and time to spare… 

Eventually, I’ll be able to showcase a much improved artworks in the future.

Just create. The world is your canvass. 

– Poetic Dustbin

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