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Netflix – Mirage 2018 – Movie Review (No Spoilers)


It’s a Mystery flick with a minimal touch of Science Fiction available in Netflix now. And it’s in Spanish.

and it’s highly recommended by my honey… visit her personal web and house of hazelknots .. ❤😍💋.

It’s a story about a space-time continuum glitch brought about by a 72-hour-long electrical storm that occurred in 1989. A similar storm is happening in 2014 in the same area. To solve a murder case, to save a boy, to save her daughter and to find the truth behind the storm.

In 1989, during the fall of the Berlin Wall and a 72-hour-long electrical storm, a boy named Nico, while recording a video in his house, hears some noises and sees a fight scene in his neighbors’ house through a window. He goes to the house only to find the body of Ms. Weiss, the wife of the neighbor Angel Prieto. Seeing Mr. Prieto with a knife, Nico tries to escape and is accidentally hit by a car on the road. Prieto is arrested with the murder weapon in hand as Nico dies in the car accident.

In 2014, a married couple, Vera Roy and David Ortiz, move to Nico’s house along with their daughter Gloria. They find an old TV set in a storeroom along with a video recorder and cassettes. An electrical storm similar to the one in 1989 begins, and after Vera, David, and Gloria watch Nico’s video, the TV starts broadcasting the live news that was taking place when Nico was making his video. At night, Vera sees the boy on the TV and is shocked to find that she can interact with him. She initially gets scared but then tries to warn Nico about the car accident…

Not to give out much of the details, I’ll stop here… so go and watch…


Adriana Ugarte
She plays the main character, Vera Roy, who got affected by the electrical storm, solving the mystery that surrounds her twisted present life.

Chino Darin
He’s Inspector Leyra, who assisted Vera Roy with her current crisis to find out answers.

Alvaro Morte
One reason to watch this. He plays David Ortiz, the husband of Vera Roy. You’ll recognize him as “The Professor” in the Money Heist series.

Javier Gutierrez
Angel Prieto, the suspect to be proven guilty or not.


Nothing fancy here, just your usual suspense mystery movie happening on a normal neighborhood. The thing to watch here is the interchanging of timeline scenes from 1989 to 2014. It was carefully done. The visual effects are pretty minimal and just enough to suffice the intended purpose for the movie. Most scenes were shot in dark environment which is ok considering the main idea of an electrical storm. Overall, it’s not a high budget film so don’t expect a top grossing cgi effects here but it gets the job done.

My Take

Well the story was played out well. There were no dull moments and it will keep you focused chapter per chapter. The actors were fit for the roles and there were no overlapping in terms of appearances. It’s not a movie for the big screen though. But it’s a good watch on the couch with popcorn.

I give “Mirage” a 3.5 out of 5 …

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