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Netflix – Sweet Girl 2021 with Jason Momoa – Spoiler Free Movie Review

Netflix - Sweet Girl 2021 Movie Review

I bet you are going to watch Sweet Girl because of Jason Momoa. I did. I expected the usual action film much like taken and Jason would be beating the hell out of the bad guys to save his daughter. I was wrong. This is definitely a step out of the usual Momoa big guy flicks… but don’t frown, he still gets to kick some ass here.

What make this movie different is seeing how Jason (Ray Cooper) can really deliver in terms of acting. You will see through his pain and feel the anguish inside. I’ve never seen him do this and he did earn my respect in this movie.

Sweet Girl is about the deep bonding of father and daughter played by Isabela Merced (Rachel Cooper) after her wife died. There’s a small tough of politics and satire regarding the corruption within the government and pharmaceuticals. But what makes this film captivating is the relationship between Ray and Rachel. This is evident throughout the story line.

The Actors

Jason Momoa (Ray Cooper) – Father of Rachel and like I previously said, Jason outdid himself in terms of acting. There is an early scene here that will prove this statement. And yes, I expect no other actor for this role.

Isabela Merced (Rachel Cooper) – Like Jason, Isabela did pretty well here doing some action scenes that fits her character and the role was played exceptionally well. There’s that certain charisma between Ray and Rachel here and that’s what made the story move.

Amanda Cooper (Amanda Cooper) – Wife of Ray and Mother of Rachel. Short role but critical. The time before her death made it significant to establish the connection between characters in the story.

Manuel Garcia-Rulfo (Amos Santos) – The antagonist. Just about right to fit a hitman with finesse.

My Take on Netflix - Sweet Girl 2021

This is a good movie and definitely worth your time. If you’re a fan of Jason Momoa, you will like him more in this movie. It showcases a different approach to Father and Daughter relationship. The chemistry of Jason and Isabela here are exceptional. 

This film is not perfect. There are some scenes that’s a bit wild and exaggerated in my opinion but it didn’t affect my outlook. This is not a high-budgeted movie so don’t expect a tremendous explosive action CGI’s or world ending booming effects. This is a spoiler free review so you need watch it to like it. 

I give Sweet Girl a 4 out of 5

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