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Pao Tsin for the Win

Hindi ka ROCKER pag di ka pa nakatikim ng PaoTsin…

Since the Community Quarantine, this is the first time I get to eat this again.

My daughter and I were scouting for something to fill our tummy after the long queue and the supermarket run in Landmark Trinoma. There were only a few stalls open in the food court coz of the existing GCQ. And behold! PaoTsin is alive! No second thoughts here. I know there are better, healthier, yummier options aside from it but It’s the craving that matters at that instance.

BTW, the food court in Trinoma is open for dine-in. You just have to eat one table apart which is fine with us. We ordered our usual: Hainanese Rice with Fried Shark Fins! I went with the spicy soy sauce and she went with the sweet chili sauce.

PaoTsin will always be the best most affordable rice meal for us. Done!

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