Poetic Dustbin

Ugin, the Spirit Dragon

This is my new Pet Card… hehehe

I think this is one of the most powerful Planeswalker in standard format along with Nicol Bolas and Teferi.

His first ability (+2) to deal 3 damage to a player or a creature can be considered as an offense and a defense… it takes out a creature or reduces a player’s life but at the same time it increases it’s loyalty and yes for [+2] ..

The second ability (-X) that exiles each permanent with converted X or less mana cost is an insane sweeper. It doesn’t just targets creature but everything on board. This ability proves to be very effective against decks that rely on creatures or those with numerous enchantments or even planeswalkers on the battlefield. But please take note, it doesn’t affect colorless permanents and those are mostly artifacts. But still, it’s always a lifesaver.

The ultimate ability (-10) to gain 7 life draws 7 cards and put 7 permanents from your hand to the battlefield is always a winning condition in my opinion. And yes, it’s quite easy to activate this considering that it’s first ability adds 2 loyalty initially.

So you might ask, what to do with the 8 mana cost. Standard decks these days have different ways to ramp and produce insane mana pool in a 3 – 4 turns. Casting this Spirit Dragon will never be a problem.

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