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Spiral from the Book of Saw 2021 – Spoiler Free Movie Review

This is another SAW movie and you’ll be expecting blood and gore. You will also be expecting cool horrific traps and scary narration. If you’re a SAW and Jigsaw fan then you will enjoy this. If you’re not then this will be another horror thriller film you will forget in years after you watch it.

James Wan, the original director of the SAW franchise produced this movie. I think that Spiral has a bit more budget compared to the other Saw movies. The presence of popular actors like Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson is a proof of that. There were also scenes shot in multiple places. So yes, they spilled a bit more currency in this movie.


The story is about Zeke Banks (Chris Rock), a straight cop and a son of a retired Police Chief Marcus Banks (Samule L. Jackson), who’s trying to solve a string of police officers murders. The M.O. of the killings is similar to that of John Kramer(Jigsaw) who is now dead based on the previous Saw movies. It focuses on Zeke’s effort to solve the case while struggling with issues around his precinct trying to fill up his father’s reputation. So is it another copy cat or not? And why target mostly police officers? Well that’s the ring around the movie.

spiral from the book of saw 2021 - movie review - Poetic Dustbin
spiral from the book of saw 2021 – movie review – Poetic Dustbin

The Actors

Well, as expected Chris Rock and Samuel L. Jackson are the reasons why people will see this movie.

Chris Rock playing Zeke is a bit of a turnaround from the Chris Rock you picture in your mind, there’s only a pinch of comedic instances here. Most of the time, you’ll be seeing him play the serious really outspoken troubled cop with a bad temper. Yes, he played the role well and I think he’s the right fit for the character.

Samuel L Jackson - Spiral from the Book of Saw 2021 - Poetic Dustbin
Samuel L Jackson – Spiral from the Book of Saw 2021 – Poetic Dustbin

Samuel L. Jackson as Zeke’s father is Samuel L. Jackson as he is. His role was more of a support figure here but not in a lesser way. He plays a vital role in the movie as you will see especially in the back stories.

My Take

The concept of the movie is nothing new if you will base it on other Saw movies. The inclusion of big actors like Chris and Samuel and the add-on subtitle of “From the book of Saw” made this flick an easy market. I just think that this one is well written with moderate phasing. The traps, blood and gore are still the highlights for fans in this cult classic. Without the contraptions and the picture of John Kramer, it’s just another mystery serial killer case file story. This is not for the faint-hearted though. But still, it’s worth your time on the couch. Do I like it? Yes but not much.

I’ll give this movie a 2.5 out of 5

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