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This is How I Remember My Pops…

Me and Pops
Me and Pops

My pops… I’ve always come to known him as loving and so hardworking. He sacrificed his time for us to work as an ofw and provide us with our needs… He would always have solutions if we encounter difficulties or problems…. For the specifics, here are the most memorable things He did for me that made me feel and realized how big his heart is and how lucky I am to have him as my father

  • When i was young, he’d always bring me along on his late night work … so that we can eat at Burger King… He knows how much I love their coleslaw
  • He bought me an Electric Guitar even though I know we are financially having issues and I don’t even know how to play guitar then.
  • He’d cook me sauteed sardines everytime we watch movies at night.
  • He’d fix my shoes when it’s torn or the soles are coming off… always…
  • He taught me how to drive smartly. I never trust anyone more than my pops when it comes to driving.
  • He’d always accompany me on my first days learning how to drive.
  • Everytime He comes home from Riyadh, I always take his new shoes and watch. No matter how much He likes to keep them.
  • He bought me my first Reebok Pump, even though it’s so expensive.
  • He bought me my first color tv and betamax.
  • During elementary days, He’d always take me to school in his taxi. That makes me happy.
  • But the best ever He ever did for me as father that in my heart and mind would always mark the amount of love He has for me was when He pawned his Omega Watch just to buy me a Max Fried Chicken and bring it to my class room… and all that was left was the mark of the watch on his wrist.

Most of these are material things but that’s how he is, he spoiled me even though we’re not really wealthy. He never wants me to be disappointed… ever. And He may not know it but I feel so privileged whenever he’s around. And I love him for that.

We don’t agree much on things when I grew up coz I’m always a rebel son. He’s the conventional and traditional kind. But He never gets tired understanding my mood and antics. I love my Pops and I respect him and always look up to him. That will never change.

But what I really admire about him was his love for my Mama and how He’d do anything to show that love… Everytime my Mom was taken to the hospital, He’d spend sleepless nights beside her taking care of her… and whatever my Mom asks of him, He’d oblige… and that is love, true love and very rare nowadays…

Thank you, Pops… for the patience, understanding, love and for being the best father for me even though I wasn’t much of a good son to you… I will always treasure all your advices and words of wisdom throughout my childhood up to now… I will never be the same again having lost both you and Mama… but I know whereever you are now, you are happy with Mama… and that what matters most for me… I will live on with your legacy and will try to be the strong foundation you always want me to be for our family… I will miss you so much…

Watch over us please and guide us in the coming future…

One advice you gave me that I keep as my life guide: “Wag mo sayangin ang oras, hindi ka hahabulin nyan.”

Rest now Pops… We miss you and Mama… Love you ❤️…