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Warrior Nun in Netflix

This is not a review but an invite to watch 🙂.

I’m halfway through in Season 1 about episode 6… and here’s my take.

Warrior Nun is a new TV series in Netflix. It is based on a Manga Novel by Ben Dunn. It’s about a young orphan named Ava Silva who died and take to a morgue only to rise again due to the accidental insertion of a Magical Ring aka Angel’s Halo making her as the Halo Bearer for a secret cult of Nuns hunting evil entities and demons.

The story revolves on how Ava takes on the new role as a Halo Bearer. It also runs around the conflict between the Church and Science. The existence of Politics in and out of the Vatican and how it affects the real world.

Warrior Nun is not for kids. Profanity is evident in most of the episodes. It’s also not for the nitpickers and substance-addict viewer. It’s fun to watch and if you’re up for a different take on Good vs Evil Fantasy entertainment then you’ll find your time worth spending on this show.