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MTG Arena Original Deck – Standard Kaldheim – Mono Red Aggro with Goldspan Dragon

Mono Red… this deck… is simple enough to use… cast your creatures and attack… Kill any threats… then attack and attack till you kill your opponents … if ever he doesn’t kill you first.. hehehe… Goldspan Dragon workds pretty well with Unleash Fury… believe me!


4x – Fervent Champion
4x – Robber of the Rich
4x – BoneCrusher Giant
4x – Phoenix of Ash
4x – Goldspan Dragon

4x – Frost Bite
3x – Infuriate
4x – Scorching Dragonfire
3x – Unleash Fury
2x – Embercleave

4x – Spikefield Hazard/ Red
1x – Castle Embereth
1x – Crawling Barrens
1x – Faceless Haven
17x – Snow-Covered Mountain

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